All the Products that Help the Girlboss Team Reset for Fall

All the Products that Help the Girlboss Team Reset for Fall

It’s that time of year again. Leaves are falling. PSLs are back. And we’re all grabbing our favorite cozy sweaters from the back of our closets. Fall’s in full swing and we’re oh-so-ready to decorate our homes with lots of glitzy pumpkins and faux oak leaves. 

But despite all the nutmeg-scented fun, it’s easy to turn into a shell of a human during the colder months: we miss the sun, the carefree summer days and the sense of adventure that warm weather tends to bring. But this year, we’re prioritizing our wellbeing in the office and at home —all year round. Not sure how? As always, the Girlboss team has  got you covered. Filled with new faces and lots of covetable, products by women-led and owned brands to choose from, Girlboss Goods is truly a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need. From the best selections of body scrubs to on-the-go snacks, here’s our team’s best recs for a much-needed fall reset.

Lulu Liang

“The perfect everyday tote that goes with everything. The tan is my favorite color and the material is so buttery soft. You can take it everywhere with you—work, errands, shopping and even the beach.”

Samara The Tote, Girlboss Goods, $200

Victoria Christie
Staff Writer

"With the colder weather comes dry, cracked skin (a small price to pay for pumpkin spice season), so I'll be slathering myself in this halal natural sugar scrub from Flora & Noor. The sugar crystals, shea butter and colloidal oatmeal leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth, you'll swear you're in a Venus commercial."

Tiamri Ryan
Social Media Intern

“The clean, minimalist aesthetic of this tracker fits perfectly with my decor and encourages me to take accountability of my wellness daily. With my fall schedule only getting busier with school and work, this tracker gives me the opportunity to ensure I'm staying healthy. Thanks to Simple Self, I can always count on my wellness tracker to show my progress and motivate me to do more for myself on the daily.”

Simple Self Wellness Tracker, Girlboss Goods, $22

Vanessa Cocuzzo
People Operations Associate

“With seasonal weather changes, my sensitive skin goes through quite the adjustment period. I lose moisture, breakout and overall, my skin becomes extra irritated. Blume’s acne oil helps me keep the break outs in check and maintain hydration as I head into the frigid Canadian fall and winter.” 

Blume Meltdown Acne Oil, Girlboss Goods, $28 

Kat Go
Social Media Manager

“There’s just something about fall weather and the changing color of leaves that has me daydreaming of being the main character in an inspirational romcom set on a university campus in Cambridge. My choice outfit for such a fantasy is the same every time: a cute corduroy skirt, knit top, plaid scarf, leather knee-high boots and black pantyhose. Specifically, the Opaque Contour pantyhose from Threads. They’re super warm, and even lift and sculpt around the waist and bum area —comfy and functional for chilly autumn days, without sacrificing style.”

Threads Opaque Contour in Black, Girlboss Goods, $21

Keira Crook
Operations Associate

“Not only is the cover such a cute collab with a female artist (👋 Jayci Livingston), but it also has a super simple design to separate and keep track of your work and personal life. The daily prompts and affirmations are also such a nice touch!” 

Simple Self Balance Notebook, Girlboss Goods, $26

Tierra Harris
Editorial Assistant

“Although I’ll never turn down pumpkin spice-flavored anything, fall is the most overwhelming time of the year for me. There’s the back-to-school energy that makes me put a bunch on my to-do list, the uproar of holiday shopping and the usual panic that Midwesterners experience before the first snowfall. It can be extremely hard to slow down and just be still, but this cute little ‘take a break’ booklet has saved me from multiple overloads. It sits right near my bed near my growing collection of books and crystals. Whenever I’m feeling worried, I just sit in my cute little zen corner and read it until I feel like myself again." 

Worthwhile Paper Little How To Take A Break Zine, Girlboss Goods, $4

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