What You—Yes, You!—Bought This Month

What You—Yes, You!—Bought This Month

Presenting our recap of April’s best-sellers on Girlboss Goods, our curated marketplace of woman-owned brands and truly life-changing products. Because we’re nosy like that.

listen bitch affirmation cards

The Real-Talk Affirmation Cards

Turns out, a lot of you are missing a straight-talking, no-nonsense best friend in your life to boost your self-confidence. That’s where this deck of affirmations comes in—it reminds you who the f*ck you are. Because we all forget sometimes.

Listen B*tch Affirmation Cards, $25

everist sponge

The Better Shower Sponge

Things we all love: A good exfoliation sesh in the shower. Things we all hate: The plastic, planet-killing nature of most traditional sponges. Enter this compostable beauty, which is made from 100% natural konjac plant fiber that fully biodegrades in a home compost. Once you activate it with the water in your shower, it softens into a cushy gel-like pillow that creates a decadent creamy lather. 

Everist Compostable Konjac Sponge, $12


kov hair clip

The Best Hair Clip Ever 

Clearly, we’re not the only ones who can’t concentrate unless our hair is out of our face. At least, that’s what sales of this essential, high-quality and chic clip by Kōv Essentials is telling us. Their best-selling Daily Clip will give you headache-proof hold all day long. Multiple sizes and styles means there’s one for every hair type out there. 

Kōv Essentials Daily Clip, $20


six month planner

The Planner that Tells You to Slow Down

This productivity planner is different. This undated six-month journal is loaded with prompts for daily priority setting, along with self-care and reflection pages so that you can look back at all wins on a given month. 

The Lamare One Day at a Time Planner, $35.95

honua hawaiian beauty water

The Makeup Prep Step That Gives Better Skin

So many of you were intrigued by a pre-makeup, skin-prep product that fights dullness. It’s inspired by founder Kapua Browning’s side-gig as a makeup artist on photo shoots. It improves hydration and tone and it’s packed with papaya enzymes, hibiscus and kō (Hawaiian sugar). 

Honua Hawaiian Beauty Water, $24

samara laptop sleeve

The Sexy Laptop Sleeve

Because a canvas tote is not a proper home for a laptop, quite a few of our readers splurged on this luxe laptop case that’s all about the minimalist details. It’s designed specifically for your MacBook and made from vegan leather, it also features the brand’s signature uni-closure body.