$30.00 USD

A new interpretation to a secret 19th century Patchouli formula.

Bergamot / Ambrette Absolute / Saffron Blossom

French Rose / Pomegranate / Peony

Patchouli Cœur / Suede / Skin Musk

Why We Love it

Like all of the brand’s fragrances, this one is driven by the perfumer, rather than the brand. With notes of bergamot, patchouli and rose, this scent is a renewed twist on a classic using only the finest ingredients. A Kelly bag may not be in the budget this year, but a new fragrance will make you feel just as polished and elegant.

WF/2020 - Girlboss

Meet The Founder

Ariella Appelbaum started har gender neutral and clean fragrance company in Miami in 2018. Since then, her perfumes were included in the launch collection at the COS concept store at Coal Drops Yard in London, a curated space which quickly became a destination for art, design and experience.

“Everything we do is stripped back to the barest essentials,” says Appelbaum. “We bring the perfumers to the front,” she adds. “Most of the time, these perfumers are asked to follow strict brand briefs when creating a perfume, trying to recreate a vision dictated by consumer trends and marketing dictations. We did not dictate the perfumes, but rather gave the perfumers creative freedom. We also did not impose budgetary restrictions, which gave them more freedom when choosing their ingredients.” Talk about defining fragrance on your terms.