Glowy Skin Bundle

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The must-have bundle for achieving the ultimate glowy skin, without makeup.

Our #1 Meltdown Acne Oil and Daydreamer Creamy Rescue Face Cleanser take care of bacteria build-up, fight acne and prevent future breakouts. To make the most of Meltdown and Daydreamer’s skin-loving ingredients, finish your skin care routine with the Jade Roller by massaging your face down to the neck.

This routine focuses on the health of your natural skin barrier and leaves skin supple, soft and glowing—never tight or dry. 


What's Included
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  • Meltdown Acne Oil: Meltdown’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties zap zits overnight, reduce the look of acne scars, and help prevent future breakouts
  • Daydreamer Face Wash: Hydrates and soothes skin, removes make up and gives you that perfect glow so you can live your best life
  • Jade Roller: Depuffs, increases circulation and massages
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Why We Love it

Finally, a 3-step regimen we can get behind. Combining the brand’s best-selling Melt Down oil for acne--prone skin, along with a gentle cleanser and a jade roller, it’s a routine you can stick to.

Meet The Founders


After puberty, young women’s self-esteem tends to plummet—and ages 9 to 12 are also when girls drop out of STEM fields and athletics. Coincidence? We don’t think so, and neither did Taran and Bunny Ghatrora. That’s why the founders of Blume are on a mission to boost girls’ self-esteem with their line of skin and body care products that come with a good-for-the-body, good-for-the-earth promise.

The Vancouver siblings launched their brand in 2018 with a line of organic cotton tampons and pads, along with skin and body products. “The most memorable moment was the first time we received a before-and-after photo from a customer letting us know how much our products helped her skin and how, for the first time, she felt comfortable without makeup,” shares Bunny Ghatrora.

Beyond providing confidence-boosting products to women across North America, the Ghatroras are also on a mission to improve the state of sex education in U.S. public scrools with their campaign, The States of Sex Ed.