Digital Detox®

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Disconnect from technology. The average person spends around 11 hours each day listening to, watching, reading, or interacting with media. That means we spend most of our "awake" time in some kind of digital space. But, what if you just gave yourself an hour with no screens, no IGTVs, no texts, no zoom calls, no scrolls. Now imagine spending that time in a hot bath, with our Digital Detox soak. Now, you have set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. Mind, body, soul.
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montmorillonite (french green clay), sodium chloride (sea salt)
5 Steps to Digital Detox
  1. DISCONNECT and put your devices in airplane mode.
  2. HYDRATE throughout your experience by drinking plenty of water.
  3. POUR entire contents of bag into hot bathwater.
  4. SOAK in tub for 20-30 minutes of unplugged serenity.
  5. SWEAT & REST under a blanket or robe as your body continues to detoxify through perspiration.
  • Unscented and extra gentle
  • Reset your mind & body
  • Release tension & stress
  • Rehydrate & remineralize your skin
  • A better night’s rest
Net Wt. 10 oz / 283 g
Made in the USA.
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Why We Love it

The Digital Detox was founder Shannon Vaughan’s first creation, containing raw harvested French gray sea salt and French green clay. The products have a unique delivery system invented by Vaughan to keep the ingredients super-fresh and never diluted. The naturally moist sea salt is kept separate from the clay until the time it is mixed into the tub—this also eliminates the need for preservatives and fillers.

Meet The Founder


Shannon Vaughan is a bit of an accidental brand founder. “I was simply creating a way to access a formula that I used to heal myself when I was sick. I had used detox bathing to heal from a chronic illness and also offset severe symptoms of anxiety and PTSD,” she shares. What is detox bathing, exactly? Simply put, it’s a healing experience that goes deeper. “The current bathing experience was all about bubbles or chemical-riddled epsom salts,” says Vaughan, “I wanted to show people how to use the bathtub as a healing vessel by soaking in potent raw and natural minerals.”

Vaughan launched Pursoma in 2014 in New York City, and started out by sending her detox bath kits to friends. “They would call me and say, ‘OMG that knocked out my cold and flu symptoms’ or ‘I feel so much better today because I slept so well after your bath.’”

Pusoma is also built on direct relationships with its supply chains and farms, and Vaughan takes pride in sourcing the best of the best when it comes to ingredients. “I am so proud we can offer a high-quality product that is affordable, made with integrity, never compromises on ingredients or formula, and always delivers on a better bath experience.”