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Cramp Control

$29.00 USD

This formula supports and balances your menstrual cycle, allowing for more rest and rejuvenation. For times when you experience minor discomforts, Cramp Control can ease muscle spasms, support a healthy cycle, take the edge off of PMS and irritability, and support optimal hormonal balance. Your cycle is unique as you are; find the magic in your flow.

Product Details
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  • Eases PMS symptoms
  • Promote a sense of calm
  • Supports a balanced cycle

2oz bottle

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Why We Love it

Um, because we menstruate? In all seriousness, Menstrual Magic came to be because founder Lauren Haynes was a lifelong sufferer of debilitating menstrual cramps. “Cramp bark and the other herbs in this formula were really the only things that touched my cramps at all. I wanted to blend cramp bark with mood herbs to give a 360-degree approach to period care,” she says.

Meet The Founder

Lauren Haynes’ brand, Wooden Spoon Herbs, was born because she wanted to share herbalism with everyone andI bring beautiful, thoughtfully-formulated, design-forward products to the world.

Haynes is proudest of “building a thoughtful, rad team that shows up daily and makes hard work fun.” Though rave reviews for her products are great, too. “We launched a ‘seasonal support’ box, and I felt like I'd made it when someone that I didn't know, from Austin, Texas, found our website and purchased one. And then scoring our first wholesale account with the local juice shop was major!”