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$44.00 USD


COSMIC oil is infused with celestite and a blend of ethereal plant essences to help inspire connection with spirit and the cosmos. Enjoy as a functional fragrance, as a part of your self-care rituals, or whenever feels good!

  • Top notes: black currant, manuka
  • Heart notes: honeycomb, blue lotus, palo santo
  • Base notes: myrrh, benzoin, frankincense

    This oil is infused with celestite energetics encouraging heavenly communication, peace and belonging.

    10ml - 0.3 fl. oz roll-on glass bottle

    Why We Love it

    Astro girlies, unite. If you’re the type to be fascinating by the cosmos, then this oil—infused with celestite energetics—will help you tap into that mysterious outer realm. You can wear it as a fragrance: the notes of black currant, manuka, palo santo and myrrh will ground you while simultaneously encouraging you to connect with the cosmos.

    Carly Gouweloos started her brand in 2017 with color as her muse. “As a designer, I wanted to create something with no boundaries and so full of love and intention, that you can’t help but feel good around it.” Gouweloos taps into the healing power of plants and gems that were introduced to her at a young age by her mother.

    Gouweloos knew she ‘made it’ once Goop reached out asking to carry her products. “That was a big ‘wow’ moment. Now you can find them in shops from New Zealand to Iceland, very cool.” Each product is still handmade by Gouweloos according to rigorous quality standards. “I have spent so much time and energy making sure every element of my products are as magical as possible, like using biodynamic jojoba, wild and organic plant essences that are ethically harvested, vibrationally-infused crystal energetics, long-lasting biophotonic bottles, and carbon-neutral boxes.”