Superpower Clay Mask

$40.00 USD

Meet your skin’s new secret weapon. As powerful as it is gentle, this mask detoxifies, clarifies, and balances. The pretty pink super product is made of three incredible clays. Together, they join forces to get deep and work their natural powers fast, making pores tighter and skin instantly brighter. Pow! Boom! Whack! Clogged pores, dull skin, and blemishes are gone. All it takes is ten minutes to rid your skin of built up dirt and oil, leaving your pores clean and your skin happy. Now that’s what we call super powerful!



How to Use
Key Ingredients
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  1. Wash It: A clean canvas is essential. Daydreamer Face Wash will do the trick
  2. Spread It: Apply a generous even layer all over your face and neck or in targeted areas that need it most. Just be sure to avoid your eyes!
  3. Leave It: Set your timer for 10 minutes and pump some tunes or do some stretches
  4. Rinse It: Wash it off with warm water
  5. Dry It: Gently pat dry with a towel, admire yourself in the mirror, take a selfie (or twelve), and manifest your superpower!  
Used as a go-to treatment for thousands of years, this ingredient has a lot of experience with protecting skin and making it look instantly radiant.
Dry skin, begone! This vitamin is all about retaining that good moisture deep down.
This juicy ingredient soothes and calms its greatest villain—angry skin.
The ultimate multitasker, it helps to even and brighten skin and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines.
An expert in removing dirt and shrinking pores.
Tones and firms while healing blemishes and stimulating circulation
Absorbs excess oil while preventing breakouts before they begin.
The true force behind this no-dry mask which, unlike other clay masks, never cracks or leaves your skin feeling too tight, dry, or stripped.
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Why We Love it

When it comes to making your skin look better, clay is pretty powerful. And this mask boasts three different kinds of clay for gentle, effective clarification and balance. Leave it on for 10 minutes to rid skin of clogged pores and imperfections without harsh ingredients.

Meet The Founders


After puberty, young women’s self-esteem tends to plummet—and ages 9 to 12 are also when girls drop out of STEM fields and athletics. Coincidence? We don’t think so, and neither did Taran and Bunny Ghatrora. That’s why the founders of Blume are on a mission to boost girls’ self-esteem with their line of skin and body care products that come with a good-for-the-body, good-for-the-earth promise.

The Vancouver siblings launched their brand in 2018 with a line of organic cotton tampons and pads, along with skin and body products. “The most memorable moment was the first time we received a before-and-after photo from a customer letting us know how much our products helped her skin and how, for the first time, she felt comfortable without makeup,” shares Bunny Ghatrora.

Beyond providing confidence-boosting products to women across North America, the Ghatroras are also on a mission to improve the state of sex education in U.S. public scrools with their campaign, The States of Sex Ed.