Workplace Affirmation Deck

$30.00 USD

Whatever the workday brings, you got this. 

This is an affirmation deck for every kind of day at the office—from the one you'll never forget to the one you'd rather not remember and all those “meh” days between. Consider it an emotional toolkit to bring clarity and purpose to your workday, whenever you need it. 

The cards within are divided into five core moods that you might encounter at work (sometimes during the course of one day!). The emotional scale ranges from happy and energized, all the way to fed up and frustrated. The cards are here to help you acknowledge and address whatever you might be going through: from a creative slump to a sudden urge to quit your job. 

Find reflection, reassurance and guidance in the affirmations, prompts and questions. Prop one on your desk, tuck it in a notebook or even pass one along to a friend who could use it.


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Why We Love it

Our emotions don’t take time off when we’re at work. After speaking with hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and freelancers, one thing became clear: mindset is everything. And we all have days when we feel like a success in the morning and failure by the afternoon.

We wanted to create a tangible, useful tool to help our community navigate whatever they might be feeling. Stuck on a problem? Just made a huge mistake? Buzzing with creativity but unsure how to harness it? There’s a card in this deck that can guide your thoughts, soothe your worries or encourage your dreams.