Jenny Patinkin

Rose on Rose Face Roller

$38.00 USD

Facial Rolling is an ancient beauty practice that’s been used for thousands of years to help improve the appearance of the complexion while also providing energetic healing.

Face Rollers:

  • Aid with lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins
  • Reduce inflammation and instantly de-puff
  • Boost circulation for added radiance and glow
  • Temporarily lift and firm the skin

Rose Quartz gemstones are believed to emit energetic vibrations of love and beauty.  They are said to improve self-esteem and to heal the heart with feelings of self-worth, forgiveness and compassion.

How to Use
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  • Roll on clean skin or over your favorite serum, oil or mask.
  • Results are instant, so you may roll occasionally, daily, twice daily or more.
  • Skin should not be pulled or stretched during rolling. The lymph system is situated just under the surface, so a light touch is all that’s needed.
On the face:
  • Move the roller only in one direction, either upwards or outwards. This prevents toxins and fluids from backing up into the face.
  • Each stroke on the face should be aimed towards the lymphatic drainage points at the temples.
  • Roll each area of the face as many times as you like, making additional passes over any areas of particular concern.
On the neck:
  • Roll horizontally along the underside of the jaw line and chin.
  • Always roll down the neck, aiming for the lymphatic drainage points located by the collar bones.
Please note that rose quartz is a natural stone and there is variation in the color from roller to roller. Rose quartz can chip, crack or break if dropped or packed without adequate cushioning. Returns or exchanges of rollers purchased from or any of our retail partners will unfortunately not be offered should your roller become damaged for these or similar reasons.
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Why We Love it

It looks bougey but doesn’t cost like it. This face roller is handmade by jewelers from semi-precious gemstone quality rose quartz and real rose gold plating, but it's priced at only $38 because the materials are sourced directly. For founder Jenny Patinkin, face rolling is “an anytime/anywhere quick fix” to instantly depuff.

Meet The Founder


Jenny Patinkin’s personal mantra might as well be “Lazy Perfection”—after all, it’s the title of her 2017 book. “​​People responded right away to the idea that your beauty routine doesn't have to be overly complicated or stressful,” shares Patinkin. In 2017, her line of makeup brushes and beauty tools went vegan, but the focus has always been on creating tools that enhance your makeup and skincare routines, that are easy to use and look beautiful on your counter. “I also wanted them to be amazing quality, well priced and sustainably sourced and produced,” adds Patinkin.

That last point—sustainability—is an important one to Patinkin. “As urban dwellers and beauty consumers who are always on the lookout for the next best thing, it's easy to forget that everything we purchase has an impact on the planet. We work really hard to produce beauty tools that are at the intersection of luxury and sustainability.”