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Listen B*tch Affirmation Cards

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Sometimes even the strongest people need some uplifting. Use these fifty affirmation cards to remind you of what you’re capable of and the love that you f*cking deserve. Read them slowly. Repeat them out loud. And then carry on like the legend that you are.   
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50 unique affirmations
Intricate and custom Illustrations by Toronto artist Chichi Ogbu
2.75 X 4.75”
Smooth matte finish
Rounded edges
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Why We Love it

Sometimes we need a little deadpan humor with our affirmations, ok? Enter these cards, which hook us in with their no-nonsense mantras and the kind of tone of voice that reminds us of our very favorite tough-love-dishing best friend.

Meet The Founders


Lifelong friends Daniela and Michelle got into business together in order to help other women banish self-doubt. Yes, they’re crass (that’s the point), raw and real but they get straight to the point—after all, affirmations work best when they’re spoken with conviction.

The Toronto-based project was started in 2021—”after a year like 2020, we were in desperate need of positivity,” the pair says, and the affirmation cards are their first and (for now) only product. The cards aren’t just empty platitudes—they are small, meaningful doses of tough love and encouragement. They’re all about taking those words of support and encouragement we’re all to happy to tell our friends and turning them inward.

“We’re proud of what these cards are capable of. We now receive countless messages from people who have used these cards to start and end their days with positivity, boost their confidence, and so much more. We’re also proud of the fact that Listen B*tch is a Canadian, women-led, black-owned brand. Those may sound like buzz-words to some, but they’re badges of honor for us."