The Lamare

Be You: Affirmation Cards

$22.95 USD

Did you know that of the 50,000 thoughts we have every day, 80% of them are negative and reside in the subconscious?

Positive affirmations can transform your thoughts so you can create the reality you want.   

Be You Affirmation Cards Set is your perfect motivational tool for creating greatness every day. Select from a set of 40 beautifully illustrated cards with inspiring affirmations:

  • Add one in your planner as a reminder
  • Pin some to your inspiration board
  • Write down examples of how you enact that affirmation in your life
  • Make a wall collage with selected affirmations, and change them every week
  • Choose a unique one each day, and rewrite it 10 times in different colors or styles
  • Stick one your mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say it aloud until it feels genuine
  • Gift this set to that special person in your life to inspire and motivate their efforts
Shipping & Returns
  • 40 cards (4x4'')
  • Magnetic Box (4.4 x 4.4'') 
  • 350gsm paper 
  • Blank back

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Why We Love it

There’s so much negativity out there—around us, but also inside our own heads. Break the cycle of limiting beliefs with 40 gentle, powerful reminders of your talents and capabilities. Plus, who says they need to stay stacked in their deck? Pin them to your wall, tuck one inside a beloved book or pass one to a friend in doubt.

Meet The Founder


Prior to starting The Lamare, Kate Malaschenko was feeling lost and unsure of where to go (in her life, and in her career). So she turned to books—reading up on everything from productivity to time management and goal setting.

The Lamare was born in 2018 in Los Angeles when Malaschenko was trying to buy a new planner. She was struck by that universal entrepreneurial thought: “Why not make my own?” The One Day at a Time planner became her first product, and as Malaschenko started sharing samples with friends, the excitement for the brand started to build.

For Malaschenko, it’s the unique artistic touch that sets her planners apart. But it’s more than just pretty paper, for Malaschenko, building a community of women that are inspired to become a better version of themselves daily is all part of her mission.