Blush Jotters with Gold edging (set of 2)

$20.00 USD

Dreams. Journeys. Meals. Birds. Boyfriends. What we choose to record is deeply personal. There is no experience that can replicate the cathartic immediacy of grabbing a piece of paper and furiously disgorging the contents of your heart and mind. Make it part of your daily routine.

Our Jotters are expertly crafted as enduring vessels for these collections of musings. Keep them close at hand and watch your life take shape in words on blush pages edged in metallic gold foil.    

Perfectly sized, these notebooks are ideal for slipping into a purse or large pocket when you need to jot something down. Their design is understated but polished enough to pull out in meetings. Made of uncoated stock that’s color-slicked blush pink on every page, edged in gold metallic foil.

Sets of 2 are tied with luxurious Italian cotton ribbon from our friends at Studio Carta.

Product Details
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128 pages of FSC certified paper stock. Discrete gold foil logo on Back Cover. Lay Flat binding.

Shrinkwrapped, 3.5" x 5.5".

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Why We Love it

Sure you can add the upteenth note to your phone app or send yourself a Slack message, but there’s something more immediate, romantic and special about pulling out a pack of these jotters and capturing a thought, moment or brilliant idea. Make it a ritual and never let a flash of brilliance or moment of gratitude pass you by.

Meet The Founder


Allison Williams had accomplished all the career goals she had set for herself—she was the co-founder of a successful branding firm. And yet, she wasn’t happy in her day-to-day at work. “​​I wanted to pivot to making my own designs and putting them out there in the world, not creating designs that solved my clients’ needs.” So she did—in her 50s, no less.

In 2016 Williams launched her first product, a copper-plated Self-Inking Stamper with coordinating copper edged notepads and tested the idea at a pop-up before committing full-time.

Williams is uncompromising when it comes to aesthetics and function. “I grew up eating Chinese takeout on Herend Rothschild china—my mom’s attitude was, if it’s good enough for your mouth, it's good enough for a nice plate. To this day, I believe that every object in your daily life should be visually pleasing, no matter how inconsequential.”