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Claw Clips

$21.00 USD

Claw clips are back, and they are definitely here to stay and continue their reign as the new holy grail of hair accessories. Available in multiple sizes to cover the entire spectrum of hair thickness, length, and texture, the struggle to find a clip that actually holds your hair in place is over.

We could dress up the features in an elegantly written paragraph, but we’ll just get right to the point and save us all the time.

  • Timeless design is both chic and functional - effortlessly supports hair all day and into the evening
  • Square shape ensures teeth lay flat and do not poke into the back of the head
  • Exceptional spring recoil for a secure and budge-free hold that does not damage hair, pull on roots, or cause headaches
  • Cellulose acetate material is high-quality, extremely durable, and resistant to breakage

It’s really quite amazing how perfectly claw clips embody “capsule wardrobe” and “no bad hair days”, but hey, we're not arguing. Especially since these clips have officially replaced stretched out hair ties hanging off our wrists and matted hair on top of hot sticky necks. They’re so comfortable, sometimes we even fall asleep wearing them (bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ~ I woke up like this ~). 

Material & Care
Shipping & Returns
  • Midi, 10.5cm - best for short to mid-length hair, any thickness & texture
  • Large, 12cm - best for long, thick, & textured hair
  • X-Large, 13cm - best for long, extra thick, & ultra-textured hair

Derived from wood pulp and cotton fibers, Cellulose Acetate (CA) is a more durable, flexible, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic, which is often cheap, fragile, and easily breakable. Cellulose acetate ensures product longevity so you can enjoy many years of satisfied usage. 

Some things to note:

  1. Due to the heat-sensitive and flexible nature of cellulose acetate, you may find that the clip will acquire a slight stretch over time. To reset your clip, place the clip in hot water for approx. ten minutes and wrap an elastic around the clip to keep the teeth together. Remove from water bath and dry off completely.  
  2. Don't allow your clip to be continuously wet as the metal spring can rust. Always dry your clip off and give it a freshwater rinse if it gets wet in salty water.
  3. Don't leave your clip in super warm places (ie. your hot car). The heat can alter the shape of the cellulose acetate.

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Why We Love it

Two things we can’t get enough of: 90s nostalgia and anything that makes a bad hair day into a good one. Green Room’s clips, available in three colors and three sizes, are chic, functional and timeless. The budge-free hold and effortless support are a true embodiment of “I woke up like this.

Meet The Founder


Danielle Lapointe describes building her brand as a “right place, right time situation.” Lapointe was van-life-ing her way through Mexico when she found out that she wasn’t accepted into the master’s program she’d applied to. “I was secretly glad I didn’t get in, because I had a second plan up my sleeve.”

That plan was to launch a line of eco-friendly (read: plastic-packaging free) shampoo and conditioner bars, along with minimalist skincare and small-batch soaps. “I'm proud of the community that we've built and the products that we never gave up on—the shampoo bar saga is long and tumultuous, let me tell you,” says Lapointe. “I'm proud of never giving up through Covid and staying true to our values.”