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Mini Calligraphy Starter Kit

$70.00 USD

This was created like a gift set for you to give to someone starting their calligraphy journey. We love that this kit includes all the basics needed to start pointed pen calligraphy. It's also packaged in a magnetic luxury textured box with a gold foil sleeve, which I love!   
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Say hello to our mini calligraphy starter kit! We created this kit because we wanted a minimal kit for you to gift to your friends who are interested in calligraphy. Pair this kit with our calligraphy book or practice pads for more practice.
This kit includes:
  • 1 Dual Purpose Calligraphy Pen
  • 1 Brass Nib Holder Container and Keyring
  • 2 Nibs (Nikko G and Brause Steno)
  • 1 oz Moon Palace Ink Bottle
  • 1 Starter Kit Guide Insert with Instructions
This kit is packaged in a luxury paper box with a gold foil sleeve. Take a look at what’s inside the kit with this Youtube Video of the Mini Calligraphy Kit Unboxing.
U.S. Shipping Only. 3-7 business day processing time. This is shipped from Written Word Calligraphy and not from Girlboss. Returns are accepted within 10 days of receipt for unused and unopened orders.

Why We Love it

Consider this a "giftable" calligraphy supply kit that’s perfect for beginners. It contains the absolute essentials and a guide to getting started. The kit’s practice pads were created at the request of Lim’s calligraphy students. The set of 65 traceable worksheets (available in lowercase and uppercase) will help any budding calligrapher to build the muscle memory to develop their own designs.

Meet The Founder


For Karla Lim, calligraphy is “​​a beautiful, meditative, rejuvenating form of creative release.” The Vancouverite started sharing her work with the world in 2013, in the form of wedding invitations and day-of stationery (which remains a part of the brand.) E-commerce happened later, with the launch of Lim’s first product, the Calligraphy Starter Kit.

The kit, like all of Lim’s writing supplies, blends function and form, and brings her signature modern minimalist aesthetic. “These days, it truly warms my heart when people see the intention and the value of our product,” Lim says. “From the packaging, to what we include in it, the curation and the design of the aesthetics and how well the products work—that to me makes me happy.”