Alissa Bell

Vinho Verde Stationery

$36.00 USD

Our reimagined envelope is fashioned in Vinho Verde - and includes our angled closure, a signature of the studio. We hope you enjoy having this note on your desk as much as you enjoy sealing the envelope and sending it away.  

Vinho Verde - the color of liveliness, vitality, and fun.

Product Details
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  • A6 size (4.5" x 6.25")
  • 6 blank white cards
  • 6 Signature Envelopes in Vinho Verde
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Why We Love it

This set features the Signature Envelope. With its asymmetrical flap, it’s founder Alissa Bell’s all-time favorite creation. Bell also loves developing the color, personality and meaning behind each hue. Vinho Verde is the color of liveliness, vitality, and fun.

Meet The Founder


Though she’s the daughter of an entrepreneur, Alissa Bell didn’t immediately follow in her father’s brand-building footsteps. Her first job out of UCLA was at a global accounting firm. But Bell knew she wanted to carve her own path doing something artistic. “I looked at the women 5-20 years ahead of me at the firm and knew that I wanted to live life on my terms, have young children with the option of being home, and challenge myself creatively.”

When she first launched her paper and printing business, Bell was creating for other clients–her first job was wedding invitations. After 6 years of creating for others, Bell launched her line of stationery and paper goods in 2017. Her favorite creation is the signature envelope with its standout slanted flap.

Bell, who also owns a restaurant in Carmel by The Sea, (not-so-coincidentally called Stationæry) built her company around the value of flexibility. “Ten years ago, I didn't have kids—now I have three! I wanted my future self to have the option to be home while they were young. I can dial down or dial up depending on the stage I’m at as a woman. My youngest is now nearing a year old, and I'm excited to be dialing the business back up!”