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Verse Clip

$22.00 USD

The Verse Clip was created with minimalism in mind; it's the monochromatic piece that you've been waiting for. Subtle accents of the opposing colour allow for a unique, yet simple, look. The Verse Clip is ideal for elevating any outfit, whether it be sporty, sweet, business, or casual. 

Hair Type
Product Specs
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The Verse Hair Clip is ideal for any of the following hair types:

  • Thin, medium-length
  • Fine, medium-length
  • Thin, short
  • Thin, medium-length
  • Medium-thick, short

For thick, textured, or long hair, the Verse is the perfect half 'do piece.

  • 8.5cm long
  • 4.5cm tall
  • Produced with Cellulose Acetate, a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic

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Why We Love it

Um, because it looks like it came from the pages of a moody, black-and-white fashion magazine shoot? The subtle contrast detailing on the edges of the clip is honestly stunning. And, like all their pieces, this one features a budge-proof design that will stay in your hair all day—no need to readjust.

Meet The Founder


Chelsea Branch was working as a style advisor when she noticed the nostalgic, stylish resurgence of hair clips. But, having long and thick hair, she could never find an option that wouldn’t snap or break. “So I decided to work to remove the 'one-size-fits-all' view that the hair accessory industry tends to hold.”

Shortly after launching with her first product, the Cloud Clip, Branch’s product demo went viral on—where else?—TikTok. Two million views later, Kov Essential’s first product release sold out in two minutes. “I knew that I was onto something,” Branch adds.

As a better alternative to the flimsy clips you’d find at the drugstore, Branch’s clips are made from substantial cellulose acetate and feature a signature budge-proof grip. And for Branch, inclusivity doesn’t just mean creating clips for thick hair (though that’s huge) but for thin and short hair too, so that no one feels left out.