Simple Self

Wellness Tracker

$22.00 USD

Your new secret to living a healthy, happy life. We know wellness is about more than green smoothies and hitting the gym. This 52-week tear-off desk pad helps you focus on your physical and mental health through daily reflection and affirmations as well as space to plan meals and exercise. Train yourself to have a more positive outlook each day and be intentional about your self-care.

Product Details
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  • 10.5" x 7.75"
  • 52 Perforated Pages
  • 70lb FSC-Certified Paper
  • Soft-Touch Blush or Sand Grey Linen
  • Made in Los Angeles, California

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Why We Love it

This isn’t another desk pad to fill with meetings and deadlines. Instead, use it for daily reflection and affirmations as well as space to plan meals and exercise. Plus, Simple Self is one of the few stationary companies supporting US-based printers and manufacturers. Every Simple Self product is 100% made in Los Angeles, California at an FSC certified printer using responsibly sourced and sustainable materials.

Meet The Founder

Marylyn Davis always wanted to work for herself and a brand to call her own.”I think that desire comes from wanting freedom, creative control, and flexibility in how I spend my time every day,” says the founder of the L.A.-based stationery brand. “Feeling passionate about what I am working on is something that is really important to me. It’s so true that when you love what you’re doing, it doesn’t feel like work.”

Davis started her company in 2019 with her first product, the Self-Care Planner. She started posting on Instagram, and quickly started to see sales. But her big moment came when she got an email from a buyer from Nordstrom who was interested in carrying her brand at the department store. “As you can imagine, I was completely blown away. It turns out the buyer discovered my brand as she was browsing Instagram. That was a huge confidence boost for me early on and I still feel so lucky.”