How to Get Divorced with Lawyer James Sexton

How to Get Divorced with Lawyer James Sexton

It's a Girlboss Radio milestone—our first male guest. Ever.

So why a man and why now? Well, as our host, Avery Francis says, "Women and non-binary folks continue to carry the burden of conversations about moving the needle forward. I wanted to invite a man on the podcast to talk about how they're helping us achieve collective liberation."

While Girlboss Radio will always offer up our platform to women we admire, it's nice to get away from the echo chamber once in a while and hold conversations with guests we find interesting or can learn from—regardless of gender.

And now, about our guest: James J. Sexton, Esquire, is a no-BS divorce lawyer and author of If You're In My Office, It's Already Too Late: A Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Staying Together who's helped thousands of people navigate the endings of their relationships. In the past year, he's become a bit of a social-media sensation for his no-sugarcoating takes on marriage (he thinks it's overly-normalized in society), love (he's a hopeless romantic!) and prenups (he thinks they're essential).

On this special episode of Girlboss Radio, Avery and James unpack why women initiate the majority of divorces, James' views on eternal love and the things we should be all be discussing with our romantic partners before getting hitched. Plus, the starting cost of prenups and divorce litigation.

For an episode that's all about the end of love, we think you'll find it (oddly) uplifting and hopeful. Happy Valentine's Day!

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