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Our resident columnist Tori unpacks a real dilemma each month, with a little help from her successful friends

The modern career-advice column that delivers a fresh perspective

In our monthly advice column, Now What? Our resident expert, Tori, unpacks a different career concern from our community. From dealing with favoritism at work to worrying that AI is going to replace your job, Tori asks her network of impressive, badass women in corporate, startups, tech and business to give real advice, actionable steps and invaluable context.

Meet Tori

Tori Lazar is a creative leadership coach and business consultant for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, executives, and brands. She recently founded the creative leadership coaching studio How to Fck Up Well. She also serves as an advisor to Female Startup Club and Black Girl Magik. Through her work, Tori aims to destigmatize failure and redefine it as an unconventional springboard for growth.

Now What?

“I look forward to Tori’s column every month. The amount of research, effort and care she puts into each and every topic is astounding. Even when I think a situation doesn’t apply to me, I inevitably learn something.”

- Liz Guber, general manager, Girlboss