Transformable Vegan Leather Laptop Bag Set (Laptop Stand)

$40.00 USD

"Is it a laptop bag? Is it a laptop stand? Surprise! It's both! And it comes in 3 seriously gorg colors."

Protect your online business’s most valuable asset with this laptop bag that can transform into an ergonomic laptop stand and mouse pad. Slip it into this leather laptop sleeve and rest easy knowing that it’ll be ready-to-go when you get to the coffee shop. When you get there, it turns into a laptop stand, making deep work a breeze. It also comes with a small pouch and a cord organizer. This 3 in 1 laptop bag set is going to be your new best friend!

Shipping & Returns
  • Protection: Durable outer vegan leather sleeve means your laptop is safe and sound
  • Laptop Stand: Transforms into a laptop stand - angle your computer for ideal ergonomics
  • 3 in 1: Includes small pouch and cord organizers

You Need This Transformable Vegan Leather Laptop Bag Set When…

  • You need to make an impression at an important meeting
  • You have to take your laptop to-go
  • You’re coworking at a fun location
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Available in 3 sizes - 11/12 inch, 13/14 inch, 15 inch

11/12 inch

  • Product Size: 12.79 in x 9.44 in (325 mm x 240 mm)
  • Product Weight: 0.66lb (0.36 kg)
  • Packaging Size: 12.8in x 9.4in x 0.2in (325mm x 240mm x 5mm)
  • Packaging Weight: 1.0lb (0.438kg)

13/14 inch

  • Product Size: 13.77 in x 9.92 in (350 mm x 252 mm)
  • Product Weight: 0.92lb (0.42 kg)
  • Packaging Size: 13.8in x 9.9in x 0.2in (350mm x 252mm x 5mm)
  • Packaging Weight: 1.1lb (0.496kg)

15 inch

  • Product Size: 15.35 in x 11.02 (390 mm x 280 mm)
  • Product Weight: 1.10lb (0.5 kg)
  • Packaging Size: 15.4in x 11.0in x 0.2in (390mm x 280mm x 5mm)
  • Packaging Weight: 1.3lb (0.574kg)

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Why We Love it

We’ll admit to propping up our laptop on a stack of cookbooks in a pinch. But, no more! This laptop bag geniously converts to a laptop stand—which means you can take it anywhere for the perfect angle for typing or joining a Zoom call from a coffee shop.

Meet The Founder


After working in the corporate world building financial models and strategies for Fortune 500 companies, Julia Xu realized that what actually brought her the most happiness was getting to work for herself. So, in 2020, she decided to drop out of corporate life and begin her entrepreneurial journey and create her dream work station. Cute, functional office decor and gadgets were surprisingly hard to come by, so Xu launched Multitasky with the goal of creating an accessible one-stop shop for anyone looking to level up their set-up without compromise.

“I first felt like we were ‘onto something’ when we got featured in one press outlet after another—Cosmopolitan, CNN, Buzzfeed, and many more. I had been working so hard to build this brand that I wholeheartedly believed in, but there was still this voice in my head saying, ‘what if nobody sees what you see in these products? What if you’re wrong?’ When we got our first article, it confirmed what I needed to hear: we were helping people, and they love what we do.”