Claire and Erica's Business Runs on Friendship, Not VC Funding

Claire and Erica's Business Runs on Friendship, Not VC Funding

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo's careers are intertwined and build around a deep friendship that goes back to their days as undergrads at the University of Chicago. They got set up on a friend date, hit it off and remained close ever since. "We always knew the minor characters in each other's work lives," says Erica. After graduating, both of them moved to New York. Erica worked in magazines at Lucky and Details, while Claire worked in the theatre world. Then, their first business idea was born: Of a Kind, an ecomm site that stocked goods from over 600 independent designers and makers. Claire and Erica's brand was born in the heyday of New York's fashion startup boom alongside Rent the Runway and Warby Parker.

In an exciting turn, Of a Kind was acquired by Bed, Bath and Beyond, only to be shuttered a few years later. Today, the pair are still working together on their newsletter and podcast brand, A Thing or Two.

On this episode of the podcast, Claire and Erica explain how women's friendship can fuel great businesses, when it's ok to walk away from a great project and how success shouldn't be measured in VC dollars raised.

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