Are Dating Apps the Problem? with Tinder's Stephanie Danzi

Are Dating Apps the Problem? with Tinder's Stephanie Danzi

Dating apps seem to be the hot topic of conversation as of late—but not for the best reasons.

First, Bumble. After weeks of teasing a re-brand, the dating app’s latest billboard campaign is sparking passionate social-media discourse accusing Bumble of dismissing women’s (perfectly valid) choice to be celibate. They've since issued an apology on their Instagram and said that they will be removing these ads from their global marketing campaign and donating to charity.

Then, there's Tinder and Hinge. This year on Valentine’s Day, six plaintiffs sued Match Group, the parent company of Tinder and Hinge, claiming that they gamify dating and turn users into "addicts.” They also claimed that Match Group isn’t interested in helping users find genuine connections, but instead, they want to keep users purchasing subscriptions and other paid perks to help boost revenue, according to NPR.

If you’re currently single, or have been in the past few years, you’ve probably felt the growing frustration around dating apps. Dating can feel hopeless. So much so that people are ditching the apps altogether in favor of trying to find love the old fashion way. Which is easier said than done.

But are dating apps the problem, or are we the problem?

Today's guest is Stephanie Danzi, the SVP of global marketing at Tinder. Avery and Stephanie chat about dating app burnout, what people are getting wrong about Tinder, and whether dating apps will ever go away.

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