Ireland Baldwin on Escaping Hollywood, Motherhood—And, Yes, Nepotism

Ireland Baldwin on Escaping Hollywood, Motherhood—And, Yes, Nepotism

In the season finale of Girlboss Radio, Avery sits down with her friend Ireland Baldwin. Yes, *the* Ireland. She’s a business owner, an expecting mother, a screenwriter, an animal lover… and she just so happens to be Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin’s daughter. And Hailey Bieber’s cousin. 

Ireland Baldwin, the 27-year-old former model and DJ left behind her life in Hollywood and moved to the Oregon coast, where she founded Good Times, a wine bar, café and boutique, with her partner, musician André Allen Anjos a.k.a. RAC. The couple is also expecting their first baby together.

Ireland Baldwin and Avery met through Instagram in 2020 and have been friends ever since. The two chatted about parenthood, Hollywood’s toxicity and what we’re getting wrong (and right) about the nepotism baby conversation. You won’t want to miss it—it’s a spicy one.

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