Jamie Pandit Doesn't Always Feel Successful—And That's OK

Jamie Pandit Doesn't Always Feel Successful—And That's OK

On this episode of Girlboss Radio, our host Avery is joined by Jamie Pandit. Jamie is a Bangladeshi-Canadian content creator, model and trans activist with an impressive resume. She has over 8 million likes on TikTok, she’s a fashion expert on the Canadian talk show Cityline, and last year, she was part of the Sephora Squad, an annual beauty influencer program dedicated to celebrating diverse creators.

Jamie came out as trans at 16 but hid her identity until she was 32. Now, she’s living her life unapologetically free on social media. Avery and Jamie chatted about living in stealth, creating the community Jamie never had growing up, and how her definition of success is ever-evolving. "I've always had this determination that things will work out," she says, recalling the time she spent living in a shelter at the age of 16. Her story of resilience and ambition is touching, inspiring and definitely emotional. Get the tissues.

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