Kate McLeod Thinks "Success" is a Bad Word

Kate McLeod Thinks "Success" is a Bad Word

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Kate McLeod has had a fascinating career journey with not one, not two but three career pivots. She started out in finance at Goldman Sachs, then went to culinary school and became a pastry chef. Then she started her own bakery in London.

Then, one day her sister-in-law introduced her to cocoa butter as a swap for her moisturizer. A powerful ingredient, cocoa butter (the fat of the cocoa bean) is rock-solid at room temperature. So what did Kate do? She used her pastry-chef skills to temper the butter with oils and lowering the melting point. She tinkered in her kitchen until the body stone was born, a solid moisturizer that glides onto the skin like silk. "I made the first 10,000 myself and packaged the canisters," she says.

On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Avery and Kate chatted about how Kate's rom-com-worthy love story (FYI: she's married to the founder and CEO of Hinge) informed her career journey, her hot takes on the beauty industry and why she hates the word success.

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