LaDavia Drane Doesn't Believe In Winning Alone

LaDavia Drane Doesn't Believe In Winning Alone

Today on Girlboss Radio, Avery is joined by LaDavia Drane, the Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity at Amazon Web Services. Her career is nothing short of impressive, spanning law, politics, and tech. LaDavia has been a longtime leader and champion of removing barriers for underrepresented communities and cultivating equitable spaces.

Previously, LaDavia worked as a law associate, then transitioned to public policy and politics. She worked as a Chief of Staff in Congress, and even served on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

LaDavia and Avery chat about big career pivots and how to make your mark at a large company. Plus, LaDavia has some great advice for anyone who's itching to switch industries.

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