Shame, Ego Strength and Jello Shots with Lilly Singh

Shame, Ego Strength and Jello Shots with Lilly Singh

Testing, testing, 1… 2… 3… *Taps mic*

Hey, Girlboss Radio listeners! Did you miss us? ‘Cause we missed you! Your favorite podcast is back. And we couldn’t think of a better person to kick-off the new season than Lilly Singh.

You probably know her. From her 2010 YouTube beginnings to a historic time on late night TV, Lilly now has over 40 million followers and owns a production company called Unicorn Island, which combines entertainment with social impact. She's an Emmy-winning entertainer, actress, producer, New York Times best-selling author and gender equality advocate, and is debuting her first feature film, Doin' It, this year.

We knew right away we wanted her to be our debut episode of season 3 and you’ll see why.

Avery and Lilly chat about how they first met (it involves a Shania Twain concert and jello shots), how discomfort and change are stepping stones to success, and why Lilly refuses to be put into a box.

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