Renting, Investing and Financial Feminism with Tori Dunlap

Renting, Investing and Financial Feminism with Tori Dunlap

Ah, money—it's the reason we go to work, chase promotions and ask for raises. For Tori Dunlap (who saved 100K by the time she was 25) money means options.

"When I had money—and we're not talking Jeff Bezos money—we're just talking an emergency fund, I could donate to causes I believed in. I could support candidates and legislation that I believed in. I could start a business. I could leave a toxic situation I didn't want to be in anymore. I could take a vacation," says Tori.

This is Tori's other belief: "I don't think anything bad happens when women get more money." To that end, the personal finance expert (who has a New York Times best-selling book, Financial Feminist, a hit money podcast and website all centered around helping women figure out their finances), gives real, tangible advice on saving and investing for women ("I don't believe in inspiration p*rn. I don't feel like it does anything," is another one of Tori's trademarks).

Today's conversation with Avery is tackles all of your money questions: When to start investing (and when to pay off those student loans), how to pay down debt and the ever-pressing renting-vs-buying debate. We know you'll get a lot out of this episode and leave it feeling better about your financial future.

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