Girlboss Foundation Update: Cat Call Collective

Girlboss Foundation Update: Cat Call Collective

As the deadline for the next Girlboss Foundation grant approaches (June 30th!), we check in with our last recipient, Bekah Bolen, who is using the funds to build a mobile boutique for her cards and many more items. Here’s what Bekah had to say about the progress on her shop for Cat Call Collective:

Bekah here—just checking in with some updates! The Cat Call Tiny Shop is making progress! We’ve started on the build out, but we’ve had a few delays as we’ve been carefully watching the budget and waiting for the right time to buy certain components when they’re at their most budget-friendly. Happy to say we just got our 4 commercial glass doors this week after much waiting and price haggling on Craigslist, ha! They are now at a repair shop to be custom framed- the grand total cost will be around $1200 for these 4 together (retail they are about $1200 a piece!!). Here’s a pic below, before repairs:

And here’s an image of us securing in the base framing for our structure to the metal trailer base:

We also secured salvage marble for FREE to do all the counter tops for the shop!! Super excited about that. I put together some inspiration/ mood board content for the shop build out that I’ll be sharing on the blog soon, but here’s a sneak peek:

And below are a handful of the items we’ve already got on order for the shop

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