I Thought “Dance Fitness” Was Super Lame. Then I Tried This Class

I Thought “Dance Fitness” Was Super Lame. Then I Tried This Class

I’ll admit it. When I heard about yet another fitness class that claimed it would “transform my body” and give me a challenging and fun workout, I had my doubts. I especially had doubts when I heard Dancebody was a “dance fitness” class.  I love dancing. I think fitness is great. But “dance fitness”? Not so much. Over time, my brain has come to associate it with images of embarrassing exercise videos and ridiculous at-home “miracle” workouts named after varying degrees of insanity.

But despite my skepticism, I eventually got talked into taking a Dancebody class. The verdict? It’s one of my favorite workouts I’ve ever done, and that’s probably because it doesn’t feel like a workout. In each class, you follow along to a series of fun, high-energy dances. You sweat, you have a blast, and you feel super strong by the end; it’s like a dance party with your friends, except no one’s stepping on your foot with a stiletto or spilling a cocktail down the front of your shirt (generally speaking).

Katia Pryce, Dancebody CEO and founder, created the program out of the shortcomings she saw in the options around her. As a former professional dancer, the gym, lifting weights, and boot camps never gave her the same results (nor were they nearly as fun!) as when she was dancing. And so there it was: a gap in the fitness market.

Katia developed the Dancebody curriculum by experimenting on herself. Over the past decade, she meticulously evaluated what worked on her body and what didn’t. Early on, she tested her dances and moves on her private personal training clients. It wasn’t long before her clients told their friends to come train with them. And pretty soon, those private clients turned into semi-private sessions, which turned into full-on classes.

It should be noted, though, that Katia didn’t go into this venture wanting to be an entrepreneur—in fact, she didn’t even know what an entrepreneur was10 years ago, she told us. Instead, she just went with what she felt: hustling relentlessly every day, fueled by a passion to improve her product.

Today, you can take classes at nine locations spread out over Manhattan and Miami, with their flagship studio opening in Tribeca in the coming months. They’ve also expanded into online classes so you can boogie to your fitness goals whenever, wherever. And while the brand’s rapid growth might seem carefully orchestrated in hindsight, Katia didn’t start Dancebody leveraging money, influencers, or celebrities; she just focused (and continues to focus) on making her product the best it can possibly be.

Much like its clients, Dancebody is only showing signs of getting bigger, stronger, and fiercer, and if you’re looking to trick yourself into working out, this could very well be your best play. Your body will thank you. Your confidence will skyrocket. And if you’re anything like me, your outlook on dance fitness, and the fitness world in general, will be completely rocked.

-Liz Marks