12 Reaction GIFs You Can Finally Use Against Sexist Jerks In Facebook Comments

12 Reaction GIFs You Can Finally Use Against Sexist Jerks In Facebook Comments

The Facebook comment section is about to get a lot messier. Be prepared…with GIFs.

Well, finally. After years of confusing algorithms and annoying ad targeting, Facebook has done something for The People.

June 13 shall henceforth be known as “the day Facebook launched GIFs in the comments section.” In the immortal words of Drake, #NothingWasTheSame.

The social media giant has essentially just given its two billion global users the ability to publicly shade each other with tiny, animated images.

Can you hear that? It’s the sounds of thirsty trolls, drooling at the thought of humiliating their imaginary SJW adversaries while barely having to lift a Cheetos powder-covered finger.

There’s never been a more important time to have an arsenal of clap back GIFs at the ready. Misogynistic comment on your favorite magazine’s latest post? Hit ‘em with a WonderWomanGrimace.gif.

Racist or transphobic rubbish shared by someone you went to high school with? Delete them, FFS. But before you do, throw a BeyonceBaseballSmash.gif or a LaverneCoxSMDH.gif in their direction.

There’s also never been an easier way to show your support for the excellent content in your feed, or for the women in your life. Amplification via GIF-ication. Too easy.

Let’s get the ball rolling on this messy shitstorm Facebook has willingly unleashed, shall we? Here’s some GIFs we prepared earlier. Use them wisely and often.

When someone tries to mansplain something to you, and you’re down for a little sarcasm.

When some bro makes a dumb comment about a female celebrity’s appearance.

When someone pushes their misinformed ideas of gender and sexuality onto others.

“When is it International MEN’S Day??!?”

When you need to remind someone of just who they’re dealing with.

When the inevitable b-word is thrown around the thread.

When some relative implies you should be “settling down” or mentions “biological clocks.”

When someone’s already shared a 10 out of 10 reaction GIF, and you just want to show your support.

When you’re accused of “hating men” just for calling yourself a feminist.

For use in those moments when the thread is overrun with sexism and you don’t have the time or energy to respond to each comment.

When you’re about to unleash hell.

“…but that’s none of my business.”

And for a multi-purpose, complete dismissal of whatever BS someone’s just thrown at you, look no further.

Words: Jerico MandyburPhotos: GIPHY