It’s National Lazy Day, So We Threw Together Some Cute Lazy Animal GIFs

It’s National Lazy Day, So We Threw Together Some Cute Lazy Animal GIFs


Feeling especially idle at work today? Yearning to neglect your daily duties? Well, lucky for you it’s National Lazy Day!

August 10 marks the holiest of lackadaisical days in the Gregorian calendar and everyone’s feeling it—from Donald Trump (how’s the golf going, Mr. President?) to basically the whole of Twitter. The internet is embracing the totally made-up holiday as an excuse to celebrate doing nothing.

A great poem on how to live life.’Dust If You Must’ by Rose Milligan. #NationalLazyDay— James Melville (@JamesMelville) August 10, 2017

Pa: why havent you done anything todayMe: i’m rebelling against the capitalist system in which one’s worth is measured in productivity— cuteflesh (@cuteflesh) June 7, 2015

And you know who’re the perfect role models for slothfulness? Animals! Doy.

Born without the burden of social constructs like “productivity,” “hard work” or “efficiency,” the natural world (and the creatures therein) is a paradise of “play, eat, sleep” and I, for one, am jealous of that kind of simplicity.

So, to further get into the spirit of laziness, we curated a bunch of GIFs of cute animals being super lazy. Sit back, relax, enjoy. And may your laziness be shame-free and full of fun.

P.S. A 2015 study by Florida Gulf Coast University and Appalachian State University found the laziness correlates with high intelligence. So take that, mom

Words: Jerico MandyburPhotos: GIPHY