5 Beauty Editors On The Best Night Creams They’ve Found Online

5 Beauty Editors On The Best Night Creams They’ve Found Online

Make those precious hours between sleepy time and gross-alarm-noise-o’clock work for you. Specifically, for the skin on your face.

While most of us can agree that nighttime is the right time for deeply moisturizing, skin-coddling nourishment, not many among us love the feeling of waking up sticky-faced—not all nighttime creams are created equal when it comes to application, texture, or hydration.

Knowing the difference between a buzzy beauty product and a genuinely helpful addition to your nighttime beauty routine ain’t easy when you’re shopping online. It’s a jungle of #ads and fads out there. Better call in the experts.

The below five beauty writers and editors have tried most night creams under the sun, so their honest opinion on what works and what’s rubbish is worth hearing out.

If you’re in the market for a new way to get your beauty sleep, then waddle snoozily this way…

MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask$23

“I know what you’re probably thinking: Who would ever want to rub snail slime on their face before bed? Or EVER? I get it, because that’s exactly how I felt when someone suggested I give this stuff a try. Once I got the courage to test it out, though, it totally changed my life.

“I have dry skin, and this is the only product that keeps me from waking up feeling like the crypt keeper. It’s a sleep mask, so it seals in the serums and moisturizer I layer on before it, while also working some hydrating magic of its own.”

Zoe Weiner, beauty contributor toTeen Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, andAllure

Renée Rouleau Hydraboost Rescue Creme$72.50

“I genuinely don’t remember life before I was introduced to Renée Rouleau, celebrity facialist and my personal skincare Yoda. You will not find a skincare line more effective and customizable than Renée’s, and the first time I got my hands on her Hydraboost Rescue Creme, I knew no other nighttime moisturizer would do. As a combination skin type, I’m always riding that *super fun* line between dehydrated skin and congested pores, and this is one of the only night creams I’ve used that heals my flaky, damaged moisture barrier without clogging me up or causing milia.

“It’s lightweight and refreshing and has soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients like sea whip extract, passion fruit extract, and red marine algae, plus Vitamin B3, which restores moisture. Big fan. And apparently so is Demi Lovato, which doesn’t hurt.”

— Amanda Montell, features editor atByrdie

Huxley Secret of Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream$48

“I am a loyal devotee of Huxley’s Secret of Sahara Anti Gravity Cream. This cream landed on my radar about a year ago when I was working on a story about K-beauty favorites and I haven’t been able to stop using it since. I look forward to using this bad boy morning, noon and night. The texture would make Golidlocks proud—not too heavy or greasy, it has just the right amount of weight to make my skin look and feel soft as a rose petal when I wake up in the morning.

“It also has the prettiest scent. But my favorite thing about this cream is its subtle color correcting properties. I tend to have reddish hyper-pigmentation and the green tint of the formula makes a surprisingly noticeable difference in making my skin tone appear more even.”

— Macaela Mackenzie,Allurebeauty contributor

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream$16

“When it comes to cult-favorites and celebrity-approved products, I am always a bit skeptical. Which is why it took me so long to try Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream. When I finally tried the so-called “magical” skin balm, I was floored at how much it changed my complexion. After one month of using the 100 percent natural formula, I saw my chronic dry skin and recurring breakouts vanish and my complexion had an inner glow like never before.

“Unlike other night creams, Egyptian Magic doesn’t need help from nourishing serums and oils—it has everything it needs to nourish, protect, and soften the complexion in its balm-like formula. And, get this: Your night time routine isn’t the only way to reap its benefits. The All Purpose Skin Cream can be used to tame fly-aways, nourish dry cuticles, heal burns, fade scars, remove makeup, and much more.”

— Jessie Quinn, freelance beauty editor and writer.

Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil$40

“So this isn’t technically a cream, but it is my go-to jam for overnight hydration, and what is a cream, anyway, but emulsified oils? I came across a sample of Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil probably six months ago, and amidst the many facial oils I’ve tried since, this my golden gal. It absorbs quickly, without that oiliness one might assume is an inherent quality of oil.

“Rub a few drops of this into your visage and wake up feeling plump and dewy AF. This omega-rich formula derived from rosehip fruit and seeds is a must-have in my nighttime routine, and during the wintertime or when I’m headed to a particularly dry clime, I wear it in the daytime, too—the stuff’s a total champ underneath makeup.

Deena Drewis,Girlboss editor and beauty guinea pig