These Are The Best Jobs Available Right Now For Creative Designers In Tech

These Are The Best Jobs Available Right Now For Creative Designers In Tech

A role in tech is no longer solely for code crunchers. Today, companies are placing high value on tech designers—those with an artistic eye and an understanding of how to bring code to life.

These elusive employees are known as “unicorns” (they really do exist!) and this week, LinkedIn is a magical forest for those looking to combine creative flair and tech skills.

While “front end unicorn” isn’t a technical term, it refers to someone that is skilled in bothdesign and development. Creative careers in the technology industry may seem contradictory, maybe even controversial, but having an interest in all aspects of creating and developing something extremely valuable in the digital sphere allows you to remain indecisive when having to decide between a career path in design or development.

Unicorns thrive in small companies, and startups that maybe don’t have the budget for a full team, therefore, working with these teams allow you to get your hands into every part of the process, providing a never ending learning opportunity. You may start out making money as just a designer or developer but doing an online course and applying your new skills to a job is the fastest way to achieve unicorn status.

Keep reading for LinkedIn’s top picks for the tech savvy creative with an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

Junior Designer Undertone

Calling Class of 2018! Graduation is just around the corner and this Chicago-based role requires just one year of professional experience.

If you have ninja skills in Adobe Creative Suite and are just starting out in your career, here’s an opportunity to join the PIXL Studios team, otherwise known as Team Awesome.

Digital Designer

This Australian health and tech company allows you to get your body measurements with your smartphone. Located in Perth, My Fiziq is looking to fill an entry level role with a designer who’s passionate about revolutionizing the health industry.

Bonus points if you consider yourself a trekkie with intermediate vocabulary in Klingon.


This is another great role for those just starting out in their career. This Chicago-based company has evolved from a 2 person team to a full fledged company that redefined how employee experience getting benefits. Pretty important stuff that impacts so many industries.

Senior UX Designer Mobile Stationhead

This Brooklyn-based business has been recognized as the top music startup to watch in 2018. If providing people with a radio station from their phone anywhere in the world is a service you’d like to help develop, this job is perfect for an experienced designer with an ear for music.

Kahoots Creative Group

Again for the experienced tech creative who likes autonomy, this mid-level role allows you to work with a variety of clients and a talented team.

The Chicago-based company boasts team lunches and work from home Wednesdays.

Digital Product Designer

This mid-level position is located in an open space office in the heart of downtown Toronto and allows you to get involved in the full product design process. The company boasts team lunches and awards for top performing employees.


If fashion is an interest and you can design with an ecommerce customer in mind, this LA-based position with Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook is an exciting opportunity to tap into the consumer industry. Because who can’t relate to an online shopper?


If you’re game to design usable experiences for movie goers, LA-based company, Fandango is looking for a designer excited about creating new mobile products.

Also, a cool opportunity to work with a team that is interested in emerging technologies like voice and bots!

Junior UI Designer

This digital agency, based in central London, is looking help a Junior Designer launch their career. This is perfect for a new professional as the role comes with a training and development program and boasts free Friday breakfasts, company cocktails and unlimited vacation days.

Interactive Designer

If you’re looking to work with an award-winning agency this NYC-based business is seeking an interactive designer to get onboard and start their career.

This is a position for someone looking for development from a world class team. Good luck!