Bookmark These Mantras Because The New Moon In Aries Is Blazin’ Right This Way

Bookmark These Mantras Because The New Moon In Aries Is Blazin’ Right This Way

The new moon on April 15 in Aries is lit, and wants you to straight talk it, straight shoot it, and get ready to begin again, says The Numinous.

The zodiac’s innocently experienced warrior shows us that renewal is forever possible when we’re willing to leap for what we long for, without hesitation or a trace of shame. Coupled with a pack of planets in boardroom leader Capricorn, this is solid gold, Olympic endurance energy.

So. What are you ready to birth into being that’s truly built to last?

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: When I take a look at myself, I can make that change.

At work: This is your birthday cycle, Aries, and with great cosmic energy comes great responsibility. At your best and brightest, your commitment to doing the internal work is a poster child for all of our passions. Figure out how to more deeply align yourself with the concept of integrity in the office. Hone your focus, be a champion for the causes that echo what’s inside of you, and when in doubt, avoid any external blame and start my taking a look in the mirror.

Out of office: This is a moon for getting seamless systems in place that help you come into relief—showing your colors more brightly than ever before, but from a place of effortless ease. Consider what feels most natural in your relationships and playtime, and simply slip into that skin. There is a simpler way forward for you, and though you’re a perpetual friction aficionado, take the least bumpy road home right now.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Dreaming in the sheets leads me to the streets.

At work:This moon injects your dream life arena with pure magic and majesty, and you may feeling like calling out and diving back into your comfort(er) zone. Whatever you decide for your work schedule, see if you can find a way to slip behind the scenes, in order to feel into what the work scene is really about. Consider yourself an emotional detective in your work life right now. Observe your fluctuating feeling states and let these lead you to the projects and collaborations that feel like a seamless extension of what’s good.

Out of office: The unseen world is your most treasured companion for this moon, and while you’re usually most comfortable in the realm of the right here, right now, physicality of it all, this energy actually invites you to leave the body behind for a bit. Tuck in, cue the yacht rock, and drift away. For the moment, there’s nothing that needs figuring out in any straightforward sense. Consider the uses of what you usually think of as “useless.”

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: Radicalizing my approach helps me trust in the unknown.

At work: With this moon sparking up your sector of tribal communions and wild visions, this is prime time to radicalize your routine, and start dreaming bigger and brighter about collaborative energies and goals that exist just on the edge of the possible. Scheme it, Gemini. Get strange with it. And know that seeing far and wide is your key to making it real right now. Helicopter above your work life, and envision the landscapes just beyond the horizon.

Out of the office: There is a deeply utopian vibe to this moon for you, Gemstone. Give yourself full permission to get heady about the kind of life you long for, both for yourself and for those around you. Take to the streets and spread your message. Plan all nighters with your besties where you can dive into vision boarding with a near fanatical sense of fantasia. The not-yet-here is your dearest friend right now.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: There is nothing more I need to hide.

At work:This moon marks a luscious opportunity for you to stage a coming out party, crab cakes. And while this may leave you longing to tuck in, lick your wounds, and feel your feelings away from the public gaze, you’re actually being invited to bring all of yourself forward, even those messy emotional bits that are sometimes deemed “too much” in the normative work world. Make a speech and don’t be afraid to cry. Let your passion for a project be the most important part of it.

Out of office:The concept of authority is your guiding light for this moon phase, Cancer. Where do you feel fully in the seat of your power? When can you ask directly and unequivocally for what you want? Better yet, where can you simply take what’s already yours. In your partnerships and your playtime, cultivate a sense of innate deservedness. The prime recipient of your loving care right now should be number 1.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: When I savor the present, I can keep pace with the adventure.

At work:Rapid fire changes are on the horizon, glitter kitten, as this moon lights up your house of airplane peanuts and backpack rainforests. Where can you inject a pure sense of adventure into your work life? What would it mean to recapture your exploratory capabilities in the professional realm? Treat each day in the office like a field trip to a brand new museum and see what there is to learn, the ways in which your projects and partnerships can expand you beyond the usual.

Out of office: With your Sagittarius-ruled sector ignited during this moon, it’s BBQ fire power for you all the way, Leo. The message: Find the courage to just enjoy it all. The ground is shifting beneath you, you are shooting off towards destinations unknown, and all you have to do is keep pace with it by believing in your own golden ticket status and all the treasures that await you inside of every kind of experience.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: My deepest fears are my secret superpower.

At work: This moon is all about the secret life inside the office cabinets for you, dear Virgo. Get underneath projects and partnerships and figure out their inner workings. Any hidden motivations or fears that are driving obsessive or compulsive professional patterns simply must be smoked out of hiding. While you’re at it, figure out what makes your power center tick. Where does seizing control feel like scrambling, and where does it feel like a stepping up into a greater sense of rulership over your career?

Out of office: As this moon ignites your deep-diving, Scorpio-ruled sector, it’s a moment to get comfy with those ghosties in the corners of your bedroom. Flip on the lights, Virgo. Expose them for what they are. Treat them with tender curiosity and come at them with an open heart. Your greatest fears are also the source of your humanness. And your ability to show up to face them, in all their messily perfect imperfection, will lead you to a greater sense of being able to roll with every sensation in this gloriously unkempt life.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: Discerning partnerships heal my heart space.

At work: This is a moon moment to explore the dynamics of dualism for you, Libran queen, as this emotional planet illuminates your zone of partnerships and power couples. Notice where you might feel uncomfy with a co-worker or an authority figure, and use this sense of discomfort to really dive into your own learnings. What is this figure evidencing to you about the parts of yourself that you might not want to face? And also celebrate the sense of synchronicity that arises in treasured collabs that fill you up with hope in the potential of pairs.

Out of office: You’re really getting clear about who you do and do not let into your heart. This doesn’t have to come from any sense of hardness though. Yes, you’ve been hurt. Yes, you’re healing. This is your human inheritance, and the most courageous act you’re here to bring forward right now is the ability to love again. Not just romantically, but to love all of this world. To trust in a sense of goodness and juiciness. But know that discerning who and what comes through those rubied heart gates is perhaps the greatest act of love.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Celebrating every last part lets me connect to my true worth.

At work:This is a micro-movements moon for you Scorpio, as it illuminates your arena of daily maneuvers and divine detail. Don’t be afraid to dive into the tiniest pieces of lint on your blazer, and to find pure delight in the power of a new pen. These may sound like ridiculously microscopic parts of your professional life, but there’s a deep power to these small acts right now and it’s connected to proving to yourself, over and over, that you can line it up just right to support even wilder, sexier leaps of career growth.

Out of office: Bow at the altar of your beautiful bod, Scorpio, as you relish anything from nut milks and green juices, to deliciously greasy burgers and fries. This moon is all about intuitively feeding your body whatever it craves, and using this process to build a greater trust in your ability to feed yourself on all levels. When you listen to the messages in your guts and muscles, and learn to respond in kind, you’ll be ability to read the subtlest feeling states as well, and be your own best ally and lover in your heart’s expansion.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Nothing that’s meant for me needs to be chased.

At work: This is an epic moment for harnessing the professional power of now. Where have you been exhausting your muscles and sweating it out for goals you’ve long forgotten? Check in with your career exercise routine and decide what’s just endless series of reps, and what feels more like prancercise. There’s no one who can replace you. There are no “missed” opportunities right now. So settle in and let what’s inherently yours rain down on your sweet head, wild pony.

Out of office: Put yourself front and center right now, Sag, and delight in what dazzles you. This is little kid, talent show energy, so don’t be afraid to step onto the stage and start a tap dance. As a fire babe, you’re already connected deeply to the power of pleasure, and this moon reminds you of this magic. What are your tastes? Consider the ways your appetite, in all senses of the word, can guide your intuitive decision making.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: Making peace with the past catapults me towards my kingdom.

At work: As this moon sidles into your zone of emotional healing and feeling legacies, a lot of buried matter could be rising to the surface in your everyday life, Cappy. Don’t fear these sweet spirits. They are simply precious visitors asking you to integrate past professional hurts so that you can power your way forward cleanly and brightly. Start to assimilate memories of moments when you feel like you’ve failed or have somehow fallen short of professional glory. Healing a sense of either/or, win/lose, all or nothing can rocket you straight towards the finest use of your professional powers yet.

Out of office: What is your legacy Capricorn? What are you here to bring forward? Your power and purpose begin with your history during this moon, and it’s a delicious time to dive into your emotional flea market and scrapbook your way back home. Slip in gently and simply float with your feelings. And recapture your sense of storytelling and fantasia more broadly. What narratives make you feel safe? Let your imagination take pride of place right now, and relish the sensation of being a protagonist in your own epic saga.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: Getting curious about communication clarifies my message.

At work:There’s a super buzzy energy in the air for you, Aquarius, as this moon magnifies your zone of curiosity and communication. You do love a good professional shakeup, but this one starts a bit smaller than you’re used to, and asks you to become a student of your own life once again. Harness your observational capacities at work and stay low to the ground, gathering info on new ways of looking, being, and acting. You’ll be able to bust out in a blaze of glory when the moment is right. For now, delight in the full display of all possibilities.

Out of office:You’re learning a new language right now, Aquarius, and it’s all about cultivating the kind of beginner’s mind that gets fired up by the world’s fresh and clean poetics. Take a renovated route home. Add a pop of color to your palette. Whatever makes you feel like a tiny chick who’s just been hatched is your ticket to expansion right now. And let yourself revel in the sense of not needing to be the expert. There are no wrong turns.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: The world awaits my creative treats.

At work:As this moon magnifies your zone of earthy stability and grounded values, you’re being asked to get really clear about what you’re here to bring us, Pisces. And it’s a whole lot more than you’re currently imagining. Where are you selling yourself short? Where are you playing it small? This is raise season for you, water babe. Upcharge it. Don’t apologize for it. Let the voices urging you to stay hidden continue their song if they must, but turn up the volume knobs on some juicier beats in your career right now. And give your full attention to exactly what’s making you flourish.

Out of office: Let yourself be a material astro babe in a material world right now, Pisces. You are the zodiac’s most ethereal magician but right now, it can feel really good to land in your body and feed yourself exactly what you desire on the physical plane. Know that the material and the mystical are not antithetical to one another. The aesthetic beauty in your physical world is an extension of your faith that magic is absolutely everywhere. Let yourself bite in, drink it down, and power up with a sense of pure pleasure.

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