Your 2019 Horoscopes Will Give You Something To Think About *All* Year

Your 2019 Horoscopes Will Give You Something To Think About *All* Year

2019 calls for boots-on-the-ground action. Be informed by the past, but loyal to the future. There will be heaps of change this year, and the worst thing that you can do is compromise your humanity in the face of struggles.

Cultivate emotional intelligence in 2019, and put it to use to make the world around you—and the world within you—thrive, says Girlboss astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo.

Projects: This year you may feel a bit like riding a rollercoaster with sharp dips and turns. Try out your more exciting ideas, even if you don’t know where you’re going or if you’ll like it yet.

Money: Your capacity to manifest abundance is on point, but how you hold it will make all the difference. Cultivate a gratitude practice that supports you in appreciating what you’ve got and build from there.

Relationships: Feed what you want to see grow this year, Aries. Choose your heart over your head, your joy over your resentments, and hope over fear. You’ve got this.

Projects: When things don’t go the way you want them to it’s tempting to give up, but that’s not wise. Update your approach, Taurus! Seek creative solutions and dynamic collaborations this year.

Money: This year you’ll be faced with the need to make wise choices with your resources. Whether you need to expand or  retract, it’s important that you do so with intention. Compromise in ways that don’t compromise you, Taurus.

Relationships: You can do everything right and still not get what you want (or visa versa). Show up because you want to keep your side of the road clean, and leave your attachment to how it should look behind.

Projects: This year is more likely to bring you slow progress rather than meteoric rise to success. Don’t believe for a second that getting there slowly means that you’ll never arrive. Keep it slow and steady in 2019.

Money: Your capacity to enjoy your resources is not just about spending, it’s about investing. Put your money where you need it most so that you can truly enjoy your life. Breaks from reality won’t help your day-to-day, my love.

Relationships: Don’t shy away from asking people what they’re feeling, Twin Star, you don’t need to do all the work. Your relationships need new life, but it’s a collaborative venture. Experiment this year.

Projects: The question isn’t what should you do; it’s whether or not you’ll trust yourself. You know what’s right for you. Don’t second-guess or compromise your vision when it comes to your ambitions.

Money: Until you decide to cope, you’re likely to feel pretty overwhelmed by your finances this year, Moonchild. Start where you’re at and take small but manageable steps from there, my love.

Relationships: Show up however you are, ask for what you need and only give what you can do in a healthy way; dance on all the tables, ugly cry, and repeat. It’s time to go all the way in.

Projects: You are the steward of your energy and you must be kind to it, Leo. Direct your energy outward as much as you need to, but know that replenishing yourself is part of the work.

Money: While patience isn’t exactly your favorite thing, it’s the best approach to your resources this year. Expect ups and downs, and prepare for them by moderating your spending and saving if you can, Leo.

Relationships: The theme for your relationships in 2019 is cautious risk-taking, or well-considered gambles. In order to avail yourself to others, you’ve gotta know where you begin and end. Start with you and work from there.

Projects: This is a good year to explore your solo ventures, Virgo. Find your voice, and do it with confidence. Deepen or develop skills that give you life.

Money: This is an excellent year to be investing in yourself. That may look like spending money on a business, education, or therapy, or it may mean paying off debts. Just set intention and follow through.

Relationships: Finding home in your loved ones is a beautiful thing, but ultimately it’s wise to drop an anchor within yourself. Cultivate intimacies that are interdependent instead of co-dependent by remembering to hold onto yourself.

Projects: You are not what you do, and when you forget that, every little mistake or detour feels awful. Remember who you are and try to insert a bit more playfulness into your relationship to work this year.

Money: Calling in abundance doesn’t have to mean any particular dollar amount. If you have lots of money but hoard it, or conversely, spend outside of your means, you’ll feel scarcity. Seek flow with your finances this year.

Relationships: It’s time to find your voice, Libra. Assert yourself without defensiveness so that others know where they stand. You’re laying foundations this year; temper diplomacy with forthrightness for best results.

Projects: The best path forward is marked by your well-thought-out boundaries, Scorpio. Mind what you’re taking on and what you’re already committed to so that you don’t overextend your fabulous self.

Money: This can be a time when you get out of debt, transform your relationship to your resources, or invest in a financial future that you feel really good about. Do the work, my love.

Relationships: Being alone isn’t a punishment; it’s a gift that you give yourself. As your connections with others ebb and flow this year, remember to return to the most important relationship that you have—the one with your own sweet self.

Projects: If you can accept where you’re starting from, all of your actions will be more impactful. You don’t have to have it all figured out or streamlined in order for you to be exactly where you should be.

Money: Fun is fun and all, but what’s it worth, Sagittarius? Make sure that your spending isn’t so emotional and of the moment that you don’t end up creating expensive messes this year.

Relationships: This year your relationships will be a lot like surfing: Magical, risky, immersive, and absolutely requiring that you are centered and maintain balance. Seek the wildness of the ocean instead of the safety of the shore.

Projects: This year can be one when you really thrive. Just be careful that you don’t take on too much, or things that aren’t meaningful to you, lest you be successful at stuff you don’t care about.

Money: Redefine your relationship to money, class, and privilege this year. The path to true financial abundance is healthy flow; hoarding is poverty, generosity is wealth. Invest in what you want to see grow, Capricorn.

Relationships: True power isn’t about being impermeable or in control; it happens when you are able to collaborate with others without diluting the truth of who you are. Show all the way up and let others do the same, this year.

Projects: Spread your wings, Aquarius! 2019 may bring you plateaus, but they’re jumping off points if you look at them the right way. Dare to strive for more this year, my love.

Money: You don’t have to be Suze Orman, but if you can figure out your comfort zone and work with that, you’ll succeed in laying wise financial foundations this year.

Relationships: The role that fear plays in your relationship to vulnerability is deeply personal and totally up this year, Aquarius. The more willing you are to confront your difficult feels, the better life will get.

Projects: Make a plan and then let it go, Pisces. The role that anxiety and hand wringing threatens to play in your thinking about your work can stop you before you start. Don’t let it, my friend.

Money: The financial decisions you make early in the year will follow you throughout it. Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured to spend what you don’t have, or to keep up with anyone else’s progress but your own.

Relationships: This is the year to learn stillness, Pisces. When you check in with yourself and really listen, you can show up in more real ways for the people you’re invested in.

Jessica Lanyadoo is an internationally-respected astrologer and psychic medium based in San Francisco.