25 Bestselling Beauty Products To Shop This Amazon Prime Day

25 Bestselling Beauty Products To Shop This Amazon Prime Day

When it comes time to update your makeup arsenal, you might head to the closest Sephora or CVS. What you may not realize is that many awesome makeup items are also for sale on Amazon.

Amazon updates its bestselling items on an hourly basis. The following list represents this week’s top five items across five categories: foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, and lipstick/lipgloss.

When some items were cross-listed in categories, we tried our best to include the next best-selling item. Here’s to scoring great deals on the brands and makeup products that have yet to let us down. (And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our roundup of the best-selling skincare products on Amazon.)

Ahead, twenty-five of the bestselling beauty products for sale on Amazon:

The bestselling foundations and powders for everyday wear

Picking the right foundation is a highly-personalized experience. Not only do you have to consider factors like your skin type and what kind of coverage you want, you also have to think about the weather. (Hot summer days typically call for lighter makeup.) The following foundations are a mix of liquids and powders that are great options for an easy daytime look.

The bestselling concealers and multi-tasking makeup

The right liquid concealer will be just tacky enough for you to be able to cover a blemish, while powdered concealers are great for layering on top of under-eye makeup. If you want a little more coverage but aren’t ready to commit to a foundation, a CC cream is another option. It will help even out your skin tone while also delivering a dose of vitamins.

The bestselling eyebrow pencils and gels for full brows

We’re lucky to live in an era where the full eyebrow look is in fashion. Needless to say, plucking your eyebrows less is an important part of the look. But the right eyebrow pencil or gel will help you sculpt a precise shape.

The bestselling eyeliners for a precise cat eye

The cat eye remains a tricky makeup look for many of us. Consider a eyeliner pencil or gel if you’re wary of liquid options.

The bestselling lipsticks and lipglosses for a colorful pout

Sometimes all we want is to try a new, colorful lipcolor without the luxury price. The following products show that Amazon users aren’t afraid of bold colors. Long-lasting lip colors are the ultimate winners here, with liquid lipsticks and lip glosses that will last hours on end.