I’m A CEO, And I Swear By These 4 Secrets To Avoid Burnout

I’m A CEO, And I Swear By These 4 Secrets To Avoid Burnout

How do I describe what it’s like to be the CEO of my own company? In every possible way, it is thrilling and exciting to run my own business because I work with talented individuals, amazing partners, and wonderful customers. I am truly able to be the master of my own destiny, each and every day.

But, I can never say it enough: Running a business isa ton of hard work.

Being the boss means everyone comes to you. There are always emails to answer, meetings to take, issues to resolve, advice to give, brainstorming sessions to hold, and opportunities to explore. I sit out on the floor with my team and work equally as hard alongside them. I do this day in and day out. In theory, I’m probably overdue to burn out, but I keep it at bay with a few tricks that I find have always worked for me.

Take your vitamins

I have an enormous bottle of vitamins on my desk that I take each day. In general, I try to keep to a healthy diet and exercise as much as possible. But even that is not always a guarantee that I’ll be getting in the daily multivitamins my body needs in order to function at its best. It sounds like a mom thing to say, but please take your vitamins regardless of your age or the role you have within your business. Your body needs nutrients—and you perform better when you feel better.

Slow down and move with intention

When we burn out, it is often the result of being overworked or overstressed. Burnout’s best friend is speed. Have you ever seen someone completely fried in a field that wasn’t intense or fast-paced? The best way to combat that burned out feeling is to start slowing down. I have been actively working to slow my movements, and I know this is something virtually everyone can do.

Instead of replying to an email the second you receive it, take a moment to write a thoughtful response. Rather than push yourself to create and achieve everything you placed on your to-do list for the day, focus on the priority items and their details. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t do it all. Take breaks when you find yourself getting stuck—think it out with a walk or some meditation. Remember that we are not all built to race through life like the Looney Tunes’ Road Runner. You can still keep moving even if you’re slowing down—just make sure all of your actions are done with intention.

Get back into reading

And when I say reading, I don’t mean taking a BuzzFeed quiz or skimming a clickbait-y headline. That doesn’t do a whole lot to get the gears going in your brain. Pick up a book on a topic you’re interested in, or something you’d like to challenge yourself with—whether it’s leadership advice or a business owner’s biography—and get lost in reading it. There are so many amazing books out there to read whether you’re in a career rut or just need an extra boost of confidence. Just get your Amazon wish list compiled and place your order.

Spend time with special people

The secret to my success is my people. Outside of my work family, my husband and two sons, my parents, and my close friends inspire me everyday. They are my support system and they raise me up.

It is so easy to become consumed with the daily grind and to forget about—or push off—spending time with those near and dear to us. However, the reality is that life is short and wildly unpredictable. Everything can change in a flash. Keep those in your life extra close, and make as much effort as possible to spend time with them and lift them up. Every day as an entrepreneur is different, so cherish today with the people you love and make it your best one yet.

This article by Deborah Sweeney originally appeared on FairyGodboss.com.