6 Happiness Hacks You Can Start Today, That Actually Work

6 Happiness Hacks You Can Start Today, That Actually Work

In the chaos of the daily work grind, it can feel like time slips through your fingers. There’s countless meetings to attend. There’s yet another project to manage. Not to mention your energy levels are dipping by the minute and you’re not sure how many hours ago lunch was. You want to scream into the void, “When was the last time I had some time for me!?”

It’s in these moments that the thought of burnout takes hold. Though, if we’re being honest, there’s a simpler explanation for what’s going on: You’re not feeling happy.

Certainly, there are days when work requires a lot out of us. But, it’s when we don’t balance out that intense workload with some “me time” that the burnout hits with blunt force. Making time for ourselves, in our daily schedule, is what helps ensure we’re happier, productive, and more optimistic. It’s as essential as oxygen and as universal as eating. No matter where you are in the world, we all could stand to be a little happier.

“It’s when we don’t balance out that intense workload with some “me time” that the burnout hits with blunt force.”

The good news? The formula for happiness isn’t that elusive. It’s little everyday pleasures, like taking a walk or pampering ourselves at bedtime—it’s being inspired by the happiness-inducing habits of other people and places—that create relaxing moments we need to help us recalibrate.

To get you started, here’s a few, simple tricks that will help you turn on that happiness switch.

Stretch your body

It sounds simple enough—and it is! Stretchingis a universal, centuries old practice for a reason.Yoga, particularly the stretching postures of Asana, is not only said to increase calm and improve health, it also can help impact one’s quality of life.When we’re stressed, our muscles can clench up. We might start grinding our teeth, or feel tense around the shoulders and neck.

To lighten up, set some time (a few minutes will do) in the AM or PM to relax and stretch out your body. Hold each stretch pose for a few seconds and massage any muscles that feel extra tight. You’ll immediately releasea lot of tension.In the process you’ll feel lighter, happier and ready to go about your day.

Try meditating

The word meditationcan conjure a lot of different feels and images in a person. But here’s the thing: The science behind mediationas a valuable Eastern wellness tool is only growing in the West. The important takeaway is to focus on finding a quiet space for yourself.

Sit in silence for a period of time that works for you. You don’t have to start with half hour-long sessions. You can work your way up minute by minute until you feel more at ease. You’ll feel happier and more relaxed almost immediately.

Spend time in nature

Another quick and easy way for you to recharge your batteries is to spend some time outdoors.This can be as easy as taking a morning walk or committing to going on a hike you’ve never done before—and there’s scientific studies to back it up.The point is to make time slow down by surrounding yourself in the serenity of nature. Perhaps that’s why Peru is the happiest countryin the world; so much natural beauty.

If you must take your phone, download a meditative playlist and put your phone in airplane mode. You’ll avoid the notifications and have some me time to enjoy the scenery and head home happier and relaxed.

Get your heart pumping

Many of us dread going to the gym. The thought of being surrounded by iron-pumping dudes or sweaty runners on treadmills is a no-go. But, working out and getting your heart pumpingis one of the key ways we release endorphins. A little sweat session, whether at the gym, outdoors, or at home, is more than enough to lift your spirits and make you happy, according to research.

When you’re done with your workout session, you can bask in the greatness of a cool shower and a refreshing cleanser like theBliss® Makeup Melt™ Cleanser. It’s perfect for sensitive skin types as it contains soothing rose water and the best part is that it does double duty. Use it as a makeup remover on dry skin or as a gentle cleanser on wet skin.

Pamper yourself a little

When we’re extremely busy, the thought of pampering ourselves can seem like a downright waste of time. But, it’s a critical part of self-careand making your “me time”valuable. Though, you don’t have to drain your wallet in search of expensive products. The new Bliss® collection of skincare items brings that spa-quality to a Target or Ulta near you without the hefty spa price.

Make like a Korean 10-step regimeexpert, and treat yourself to a relaxing evening.Try the What A Melon™ mask,which is perfect for reviving and de-stressing your skin because of its antioxidant-rich watermelon fruit extract.

You can also treat yourself to some spa-strength resurfacing pads to smooth and brighten your skin overnight. The Bliss® That’s Incredi-Peel®pads do exactly that by releasing 10 percent glycolic acid overnight to target fine lines and discoloration.

Set your intentions

When we’re slogging through the workweek and feeling like things aren’t progressing, it’s important to stop and reflect. Don’t focus on how much more work got dumped on your plate, or how the house isn’t clean. An important part of “me time” includes self-reflection.

Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes in your day, when you turn off all forms of technology. Sit with a journal (or really any pen and paper) and let your mind wander. Then, think about your goals,both short-term and long-term. Write it down. Include some positive affirmations as well.

Repeat these as needed whenever to re-energize you. Stick with it and you’ll no doubt feel the happiness meter tick up a notch or two.