7 Kickstarter Campaigns We Would Totally Give Money To

7 Kickstarter Campaigns We Would Totally Give Money To

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter has been the answer to many starving artists’—and under-funded entrepreneurs’—dreams. Kickstarter has brought us the “the Coolest Cooler” (a tricked out cooler with stuff like a USB charger, bluetooth speakers, and bottle opener, which you may you remember from its viral fame). Plus, Academy Award-winning documentaries, the Veronica Mars movie, and wacky inventions like a sword attached to a frying pan (which somehow got funded with over $45K?).  It’s also a place where we dip into for creative inspiration when we’re feeling stuck on new ideas.

Beloware seven Kickstarter campaigns we would totally drop some dollars on, including a traveling tattoo truck, a women’s health-centered comedy, and a rad art and literary journal.

“Ink Minx” is a mobile tattoo shop for women. Ink Minx travels throughout the U.S., allowing the 26-year-old, first-generation, queer, American-Muslim Shanzey Afzal to cater to female and non-binary clientele all over. Afzal writes, “At a young age I fell in love with henna tattooing, a tradition from my Pakistani culture. In spite of the stigma against tattoos in conservative Muslim communities, I started a tattoo apprenticeship at 21, eventually becoming licensed in my own right.” Depending on how much you pledge, you can also get a tattoo.

“End-O” is a short comedy film about not-so-funny endometriosis. Not familiar with the women’s health dilemma? Endometriosis is an often painful condition in which the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus, and it affects 1/10 women worldwide. Why are we stoked on this campaign? As the U.K. filmmakers point out, “Most people haven’t heard of the condition… But the current lack of general awareness is a real kicker if you have to take a week off work because you can’t stand upright without being in agony and/or are unspeakably antisocial during certain movements of the moon (one’s menstrual cycle, you understand) and everyone thinks you’re either deeply mercurial or an alopecia inflicted she-wolf.” These are our people.

“Dream Nails” is a short magical realism dance film that explores the awkward and quirky moments you can only experience in a nail salon. As the director points out, “The nail salon embodies a microcosm of society, illustrating the stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings that can often result in prejudice and misrepresentation of different cultures. Ultimately this film is about human connection.”

“Queens: Conquering Sexism with Feminist Comedy” is a comic anthology designed to help young adults understand and cope with sexism by using humor. The creator explains, “Everywhere I go in my adult life I am surrounded by people fighting for representation and so I wanted to bring a team together that could help young adult readers understand what representation looks like. A team comprised of women, non binary folks, and allies have done their best to address what it means to be told to “smile,” to experience “mansplaining,” to combat body shaming, and gender discrimination in the workplace.”

“Susie Magazine” is a stunning art and literary journal that showcases cis women, trans, and non-binary voices. The editors explain, “Our goal is to showcase and empower voices that are not traditionally heard in mainstream media.” You can support the third issue, which ships anywhere in the world.

“Co-amplify: Cochlear Implant Clothing and Learning Tools” designs and develops toys, hats, and other products made to help children with cochlear implants play, learn, and grow. The co-creators are also co-parents to Percy, who was born deaf and uses cochlear implants. The co-creators explain, “Our mission is to develop products that make life easier and more fun for deaf and hard of hearing children who use cochlear implants and other auditory assistive technology. We can help them forget about their equipment reliances, enhance their lives, and make them more comfortable, while supporting and protecting the technology that so wonderfully gives them access to sound.” Donations also come with a scale of gifts for the donor.

“Vagina Diary #5” is the fifth installment of an illustrated book series about a woman and her vagina. The book explores a body-positive relationship and is also a coloring book. Artist Ania Placzkiewicz writes, “Vagina Diary 5. I Just Wanna Be Myself, talks about being authentic and following your dreams, as well as friendships, sexuality, commitment issues, ‘nice guys’, intuition, and vagina of course.”