A Lowkey Guide For What To Wear To The Girlboss Rally

A Lowkey Guide For What To Wear To The Girlboss Rally

You’ve bought your registration. Booked your travel. The Girlboss Rally is almost upon us, and trust us, we know that excitement is starting to kick in. So the last thing we want you worried about is what to wear to a conference like the Girlboss Rally.

In case you were feeling stuck, or have always been a little unclear on what exactly smart casual means, how the term business casual could logically make any sense, or why the phrase dressy casual was even invented, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up a few outfit ideas and pieces that make us feel like our true selves—but extra.

One thing is for sure, you shouldn’t expect stuffy suits and sad colors at our conference. Attendees always seem to bring it, and it’s one of the elements that makes the magic of the event so tangible. We want you to know that the Girlboss Rally is your excuse to finally wear that fierce outfit you’ve never had an occasion for. It’s for the dress that makes you feel like an absolute queen most of the time, yet would still feel out of place in a fluorescent-lit boardroom with a bunch of men. They don’t deserve that, anyways. We promise you’ll be amongst your people at the Girlboss Rally, so whatever makes you feel your best, goes. If that still means a black hoodie for you, we’re totally cool with that. If it means a head-to-toe, hot pink power suit, we’re definitely cool with that, too.

A Few Looks To Serve

A ~Power~ Suit

Forget ill-fitting blazers and blah slacks. We mean it when we say we’re cool with an out-there interpretation of the once-boring suit. We’re reinventing all sorts of things at the Girlboss Rally, so consider a matching set in plaid, a punchy color, or even a cool corduroy fabric (v on trend this season). Take the look one step further with an ironic pair of dad sneakers.

Jeans + Blazer

Another safe bet? Your favorite pair of jeans—be them skinny, straight-legged or cuffed—and a snazzy blazer that makes you feel in charge. No matter what style you opt for, they always seem to have a way of exuding confidence. Just throw on your favorite pair of voguish shoes (albeit a pair you can survive a full day in) that have a similar effect.

Midi Dress + Tall Boots

If you have yet to try out the midi dress and tall boot combo, we urge you to give it a go. Sleek, black over-the-knee boots are a lot more flattering than you might think under a printed dress that hits at just the right length. Bonus points for trying slouchy boots, a trend that’s still going strong this fall. Add a warm layer and a belt bag to finish the look off with some edge.

Trousers + Turts

Not all trousers have to be boring. Embrace a printed pair or an unusual cut—or both—then add a fitted turtleneck for a polished touch. Pointed booties are also a good match with a longer pant. Finally, top things off with a head-turning jacket.

The Statement Coat

As you might know, most of our team is based in Los Angeles, so the thought of real ~weather~ both excites and terrifies us. Regardless of how practical they actually are, you can bet we’re breaking out our fanciest coats for this occasion. If you’re feeling the same way, try throwing your favorite statement coat over a sleek jumpsuit and calling it a day. (And yes, there will be a coat check).