A Selfish Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your *Real* One True Love (It’s You)

A Selfish Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your *Real* One True Love (It’s You)

Valentine’s Day, in its most traditional iterations, is a little like the benign stomach parasite of Western culture.

No one’s really positive as to how we acquired it, and over the centuries, it’s evolved into something of an imposition (or rather, feeling compelled to buy exorbitantly marked-up flowers and overpriced dinners is an imposition).

Sure, there’s nothing offensive about taking a day designed to celebrate love. But as our definitions of what love looks like continue to evolve, rather than bemoan a holiday that feelings increasingly anachronistic, why not simply let our notions of what the holiday looks like evolve right along with it? And by that, we mean: Valentine’s Day is whatever the heck you want to make it.

Whether you’re celebrating with a partner and looking to think outside the Russel Stover box, spending it with friends, dating like a fiends, or flying solo, taking the holiday as an opportunity to send some TLC in whatever direction you wish is a worthy endeavor. Especially if that direction is pointing right at you, yourself. And your need for some retail therapy.

Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite, totally selfish treats sorted by whatever mood may strike you, if Cupid’s arrow doesn’t.

Mood: “Let me live my hygge dreams.”

Exerting oneself can be a real mood killer. Why not cozy up in clothes and intimates that prioritize softness, prop yourself up with a reputable pillow, line up the bevvies, and indulge in whatever form of entertainment best soothes your soul. Commence the self-snuggle session.

Mood: “I *do* like the way I look that much, so I *will* go and love myself.” — Not Justin Bieber

Just sayin’: A clitoris has upwards of 8,000 nerve endings, whereas penises have about half that. Set the mood and do the werk, with some help from the very sxc items below.

Mood: “You’re like, really pretty.“

Yes, everyone’s obsessed with skincare (get over it). Take some time to indulge in a lil’ extra TLC by buffing, moisturizing, pampering and perfuming yourself into a state of bliss with these beauty steals.

Mood: “Dreams are made of details.”

‘Tis the season for pleasure, and aesthetic pleasure is a big part of that. Treat yourself to something that’s a little extra, and take this opportunity to surround yourself with some sensory, sumptuous, and sartorial goodness. It’s called accessorizing; look it up.

Mood: “As well as I wanna be.”

Self-care is extremely necessary, and what better way to layer some more love on top of your standard wellness routine (whatever that means to you) than by adding a little something ~extra?~ Tap into the cosmos, set some intentions, and start manifesting your future. Or at least a really lovely night of relaxation.