The Very Best Productivity Tools To Shop On Amazon This Black Friday

The Very Best Productivity Tools To Shop On Amazon This Black Friday

If you find that this time of year turns you into a frazzled mess at work, you’re not alone. Between the sprint to close out the books before 2019, hitting deadlines while attending an onslaught of festive gatherings, and securing travel plans, I think we can all agree that the holidays are distracting AF.

Luckily, the new year is approaching, and soon you’ll be able to reset and get back to the grind. Looking to get a jump start on returning to the hyper-focused, well-oiled machine you once were? Take a gander at some of the productivity tools we’ll be shopping on Amazon come Black Friday that should help.

We’ve outlined nine categories you should keep tabs on, including 2019 planners and calendars, computer accessories and headphones, and other miscellaneous gadgets all good worker bees need.

While specific Black Friday deals have been changing daily, the real treat is that Amazon is offering free shipping throughout the holiday season—no minimum purchase required. Non-Amazon Prime users, rejoice!

So allow the picks ahead to inspire you to redo your home office, make your workplace feel a little more like a productivity sanctuary, and get back on your A-game. Your excuse for shopping while on the clock is right this way.

9 productivity buys to look for on Amazon this Black Friday:

You’ll want to keep an eye on the headphone category. If you’ve been pining for a high-end pair of noise-cancelling headphones, this might be your chance to snag a pair on the cheap.

And as for those wireless ear pods everyone’s been rocking in your office lately? You should have luck finding deals across plenty of electronics this Black Friday.

Who doesn’t love a fresh set of notebooks? Perhaps I’m biased as a writer, but I will most definitely be checking out the deals on stationery and journals to crack open come 2019—and you should, too.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home office, suss out the desk chair offerings. Just be sure to read the reviews first so you can count on getting a piece that’s as comfortable as it is affordable.

Now’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on all of your desk essentials—like these gel pens, obviously. Search for organizational sets to find decently priced paper clips, thumb tacks, and more.

If you’ve been considering the switch to a standing desk, now’s your chance to pounce. Sniff out good deals on alternative desks to help reset your posture in the new year.

Calendars and planners are another hot category to check out for Amazon Black Friday deals. There are seemingly infinite options to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that suits your vibe.

Jazz up your desk station with on-sale computer accessories like a wireless keyboard or new mouse. Also check out keyboard covers and tech cleaning supplies while you’re at it.

Miscellaneous computer accessories like laptop cases are another good pickup this time of year. You’ll want to keep your computer safe while traveling for the holidays, and one like this should do the trick.