Believe It Or Not, November’s Frost Moon Has Absolutely No Chill

Believe It Or Not, November’s Frost Moon Has Absolutely No Chill

The Frost Moon—or November full moon—occurs on November 12 and with it comes a bit of emotional upheaval. Don’t stress, it’s all good for the most part! Consider it a chance to reimagine your future plans, and let go of plans that no longer serve you. Mercury (who is retrograde in evolutionary Scorpio), taskmaster Saturn, transformative Pluto, and idealistic Neptune are pushing us to revisit the past with the hopes revisioning former goals. This luminary will focus on using practical means to manifest our earthly desires into something real and tangible. We will be reminded of our youthful visions and what lessons we’ve learned since dreaming them up, then we’ll be cosmically pushed to transform them into reality.

Find out what the stars have in-store for your astrological sign during the Frost Moon.


A creative venture with a friend may create tensions between you both. Try to set clear boundaries and split up the duties to avoid conflicts. If you don’t, then you both may wind up scratching your head wondering “who’s the boss?” It’s important to establish roles ASAP to avoid drama down the road and for professional clarity. This way, you can avoid drama later on.


You may want to skip out on work. It’s not that you are hating on your job per se, but you could use a day off from the humdrum and predictable vibe you experience every day. If you can’t call out sick, then plan a cool and fun lunch for the office. Any activity that allows you to get out from behind your desk is suggested today.


You’re feeling as though you’re being pulled in many directions under this luminary in your professional and personal lives. Short term: You’re in need of R&R and a good night’s sleep. Longer term: You need to evaluate what makes you feel good and healthy, and determine how you can work these things into your daily life. If you take care of yourself, you’ll feel like your old self in no time.


A job or project may be coming to a close, causing you major anxiety and forcing you to rethink your current budget. Fear not, Aquarius! A new gig is on its way and the job  will prove to be extremely lucrative (more than your current job). Keep your ears and eyes open for news of new opportunities during this luminary.


All the gossip buzzing around your workplace is distracting you from completing tasks and meeting deadlines. Word to the wise: Don’t get involved in office politics and hearsay. Stay in your lane. Keep your nose to the ground and focus on your work. This way, while your coworkers are involving themselves in the dramz and rumor mill you’ll be seen as reliable, dependable, and hardworking.


It’s time to get your finances in order, Aries! In order to gain control over your money, you need to call in some help. Ask a financial advisor or a trusted friend for help to upgrade your budget (or lack thereof) and gain insight into making the right investments. Listen to their guidance and start building your wealth now—future you will be happy you did.


You’re taking control over work projects, which may cause stress with your team. But, hey, someone has to take the lead and it may as well be you! Don’t allow your coworkers to drop the ball. Check in with them regularly to see what progress has been made. You may feel like a pain—but, you’re making sure the job gets done.


You may be experiencing confusion around the direction of your career right now. All of your sentiments are totally understandable, as you feel like there’s no potential for growth or like your morals are being compromised. Don’t despair! You’ll be able to carve out your professional niche under this luminary. You’ll create your own success and inspire yourself, as well as your colleagues, with your goals and visions.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could quit your 9 to 5 and make money entirely off of your side hustle? Now is prime time to start laying the groundwork. You have the unique opportunity to embrace your passions and create a full time job out of them. The caveat is that you may feel unsure if you can sustain your lifestyle. Don’t let fear (and cutting back financially) prevent you from pursuing your dreams.


You’ve been overlooked for a promotion or job offer and  feel like you’re not receiving the recognition you deserve. With all of these elements at play, it may be time that you start looking for another job. You’ll be able to find a company that enables you to reach for the stars and values you. If you’re thinking about starting your own company—it’s the perfect time to start exploring what that would look like.


You’re ready to take your professional insights to the public and teach others on how to attain success. Although it may seem a little off the beaten path for you, a career change into the educational space will help you grow in ways you never imagined. Whether that means starting a YouTube channel or writing and selling a curriculum about your expertise, sharing information can take many forms. You will be inspired by your students and rediscover passion for what you’re doing. In return, your audience will appreciate your knowledge and guidance.


The check you’ve been waiting on has yet to hit your bank account. You’ll receive the funds you’ve earned and deserve, it will just take a little extra time due to unforeseen delays. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed out—use this as an opportunity to figure out how to ensure you get paid in the future. Add a clause to your freelance contracts stating a specific payment period, or review with your employer the terms of your existing contract. Do the work now to make sure this doesn’t happen again!