7 Productivity Planners Team Girlboss Swears By

7 Productivity Planners Team Girlboss Swears By

One of the best parts about ringing in the new year? Treating yourself to a brand-new planner. There’s something about opening up a crisp new agenda that makes our type-A hearts sing. If you’re in need of a new one (of course you are), we rounded up a few of our favorites that prioritize productivity and look good while doing it. Go ahead and take your pick!


The Pinterest-worthy one

This one caught our eye because of its ~aesthetic~ cover (she deserves a spot on our feed, tbh)—but it’s the inside that really counts. You can track habits, set goals, take notes, write shopping lists, organize your day-to-day and more. There’s even a mind map. Oh and everything is undated so you can start whenever. TL;DR: She’s perfect.

Blooms of Joy Daily Planner, $22, papier.com


The mindful one

Fun fact: Habits drive up to 95% of your life. The brainchild of Girlboss CEO Lulu Liang, the Habit Journal is the result of years-long research into the science of habit forming and self-awareness. More than just a place to write things down, it’s a way to fill your days with more intention—and it’s 20% off just for you, with the code GIRLBOSS.

Habit Journal, $31, evergreenjournals.com


The traditional one

When in doubt, Moleskine always comes in clutch for all of your writing needs—especially if you want a planner that goes back to basics. This tried and true is dated from January to December 2022, showcasing one page per date, so you have tons of room to write down your appointments, important reminders, daily musings (“Why won’t Pete Davidson answer my DMs?”) and more.

Classic Planner 2022, Daily 12-Month, $25, moleskine.com


The self-care one

Turn phone on airplane mode: 9 p.m. Face mask: 9:15 p.m. Incense: 9:30 p.m. If this is what your iCal looks like rn, then you need this holistic planner in your life. It’s the perfect combination of wellness (daily gratitude, monthly self-care challenges, water intake and exercise tracker) and planning (monthly and weekly goals, year at a glance reflection, a vision board). She’s so popular that it’s actually back-ordered until the end of the month, so you’ll want to pre-order it ASAP.

The Self-Care Planner, Daily Edition, $40, simpleself.co


The cute and creative one

Yes, your agenda needs stickers—and lots of ‘em. Look, we don’t make the rules. Thank goodness this colorful bb exists in all of her creative glory. You can find tons of gorgeous artwork, little notes of encouragement, a coloring page, a “choose your own calm” quiz—oh and year, month and week views of 2022. Being organized has never been more fun.

Classic 12-Month Annual Planner, Face the Day, $16, bando.com


The time management one

Raise your hand if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to make better use of your day (TikTok is the only thing stopping us from achieving our most productive self, okay?). This best-selling planner boasts a Focus Time technique to help you get more shit done in less time. You can also prioritize tasks, make weekly commitments, block time and rate your productivity.

Productivity Planner, $30, intelligentchange.com


The pocket-sized one

Don’t want to lug around a full-sized planner all day? We got you. Rifle Paper Co.—a.k.a the go-to for the most beautiful stationery in the game—have the cutest lil’ pocket planner for even the teeniest of purses. It’s got all of the essentials you need inside: monthly and weekly views and a Notes section to jot things down while you’re on-the-go.

2022 12-Month Pocket Planner, $14, riflepaperco.com

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