5 Women On Their Biggest Money Splurges (And All The Feels That Followed)

5 Women On Their Biggest Money Splurges (And All The Feels That Followed)

At Girlboss, we talk a lot about savingfunds and how to earn more money…but what about when it comes to spending that money? What does it feel like to spend something—a whole lot of it—on yourself? Do you feel accomplished? Do you feel, maybe, just a twinge of regret? When you see the final bill for those big money splurges, it can bring up a host of emotions.

That’s why we asked women: What’s your biggest money splurge to date and how did it make you feel? What we learned was that spending a lot of money on a single item, event, or occasion brings up a lot of good—and sometimes bad, feelings. But at the end of the day, they’re our purchases. And when we spend on ourselves, that’s always a win.

My biggest splurge to date…

Was my car since it doubles as my second home

“I bought the exact car I wanted, in cash. I had nearly five panic attacks about spending that much cash. But, living in Los Angeles, I basically live in my car. And I’ve owned older versions of this car and they lasted forever.

I love it. It makes me feel like I’ve made it. Plus owning it outright felt like a huge milestone.”

—Courtney Dailey Croll, 42, Los Angeles

Was on experiences that took me back to my childhood

“My two biggest splurges to date have been experiences: one was a trip to London a few years ago to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and to visit the sets from the movies (worth it). Another one was this year, when I went all out for my 30th birthday and splurged on a VIP concierge tour for me and five friends at Disneyland (super worth it).

The memories that I created in both cases will last a lifetime! I feel a sense of pride knowing that my hard work has gotten me to a place in my career where I can treat my inner child, and outer grown up, to real life magic.”

—Mary Williamson, 30, Los Angeles

Was on improving my home for no one but myself

“Recently I spent over $1,500 on home improvements/decorations for my new pad. It’s ridiculous, but I work from home and so the expenses made sense for me as I’ll be in this space daily. Sometimes I prioritize other people and their necessities before my own and this was a silly, yet important change for me.

Though this purchase wasn’t a ‘necessity’ by any means, I felt empowered and excited by spending this amount because it was me saying ‘Yes, I deserve this!’ and knowing that I work hard and can spend hard sometimes, too.”

—Marissa Donnelly, 25, San Diego, CA

Was on a pricey jacket I’m not sure was actually worth it

“I got a designer shirt from someone who went to FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise] and has somewhat of a presence now. It’s a one-of-a-kind gold shirt with sequins from Paris.

Yes, I do regret that it was custom and over $350—and I never wear it. I really wonder at times if that materialreally costs that much. I have been tempted to have my mother-in-law, who is a tailor, cut it up and make into a dress for my newborn baby. I may just repurpose it!”

—Melanie Call, 30, Salt Lake City, Utah

Was on a first anniversary trip—and a watch that’s no longer my style

“A trip to South Africa with my husband for our first anniversary! Such an expensive trip but worth it, unlike any other vacation I’ve had. And as far as a single actual item? When I started my first job (this is nine years ago so please don’t judge, it was cool at the time) I marched my first paycheck into Michael Kors and got that blinged out rose gold watch.

Not my taste anymore but felt like a big deal to actual make money for the first time and spend it on yourself!”

—Kate Colchie, 30, Los Angeles