The Best Jobs In Nutrition Right Now

The Best Jobs In Nutrition Right Now

Being a hungry employee can have as much to do with how you eat as how you hustle. Careers in the nutrition industry range from feeding those who don’t have enough to eat to helping others reimagine their relationship with food.

Ahead, jobs that are all about helping others to nourish themselves:

Nutrition Scientist, SmartyPants Vitamins

This product development role requires you to design yummy gummies and vitamins you’d actually want to eat. This Marina del Rey-based company requires a master’s degree in nutrition science, with bonus points if you have a doctorate or two years of experience in a similar role.

Nutrition Coordinator, International Rescue Committee

This position is working with a non-profit org that’s focused on helping people survive in some of the world’s toughest conditions. You’ll have a big impact while working in South Sudan to treat children under five suffering from malnutrition and setting up a new infant and young child feeding initiative. At least five years of relevant experience is required for this management role.

Nutrition Consultant, Total Health and Fitness

Here’s another role that allows you to inspire change in the lives of others. As a nutritionist, you’ll work with people to customize exercise and eating plans to aid in their transformation. You must be a state registered dietician and have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related field to be considered for this Centerville, UT-based role.

Head of Food And Nutrition, Spotify

The people behind your favorite playlists are looking for someone to join their global workplace services team aka the team that makes Spotify a fun place to work. You’ll be the culinary expert of the group that provides the fuel to keep the team going. Bonus points if you’re a registered dietician, but a background in hospitality or restaurant services will suffice for this New York-based gig.

Global Associate Scientist: Nutrition, PepsiCo

Here’s a hands-on product development and research position for someone with a bachelor’s degree in food science or chemical engineering. You’ll start new food experiments and focus on delivering products that can thrive in new markets. Only one year of experience is required for this associate role based in Barrington, Illinois. (And internships count toward that.)

Nutrition Team Specialist, Trader Joe’s

Do you have a favorite Trader Joe’s product? Write about it in your cover letter when you’re applying for this role as a nutrition team specialist. Your favorite neighborhood grocery store is looking for someone to get technical about food labeling and nutrition facts. This entry-level role is for those with a degree in nutrition, food tech, or food science. The vibe at their Monrovia, CA office is decidedly casual, so leave the business suits at home.

Associate Brand Manager, Kashi Company

This one is more of a marketing role, but it’s with one of the leading natural food companies in the world. If you have an interest in nutrition and lifestyle brands, consider this full-time job where you’ll have the chance to apply your digital media and marketing skills with a nutrition twist. An MBA or master’s degree is preferred for this Solano Beach, CA-based role.

Caffe Macs Administrative Assistant,  Apple

Here’s proof that you don’t have to be tech-focused to work at an innovative company like Apple. This customer service position is for someone who can collaborate between admins, chefs, co-workers, and vendors involved in making meals for the Apple team. Clerical duties like maintaining purchase orders, menus, and calendars are part of the job as well. At least 2-4 years of admin experience is preferred, but if you don’t have that, show off your service skills as that’s what this Silicon Valley-based role is really looking for.

Nutritional Health Coach, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

This position requires you to educate customers about dietary supplements and food quality. In addition to individually coaching others, you’ll also be an advocate for healthy living in the community and host office hours, in-store classes, and other events. A bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related field is required for this associate-level role based in Albuquerque, NM.