9 Entertainment Industry Job Openings With No Audition Required

9 Entertainment Industry Job Openings With No Audition Required

While it may seem all glitz and glam there’s a lot more to a career in the entertainment industry than red carpets and rubbing shoulders with celebs. (Although depending on the gig that can be a potential perk). We’ve rounded up 9 entertainment job listings located, of course, in Los Angeles and NYC. Our list includes a talent agency assistant position centered on reality TV stars (oh, hello Bachelor in Paradisebabes), a chance to jump in the (office) ring at WWE, a rad music marketing role, and even a gig at our very own Girlboss HQ. Plus, a few other opportunities to break into “the biz.”

Talent & Influencer Management Intern, Girlboss

Join us at Girlboss! We’re hiring a talent and influencer intern which means you’ll gain hands-on experience sourcing boundary-pushing talent for Girlboss Radio, our Rallies and more. It’s also a chance to join an amazing team (just sayin’) in a fast-growing start-up. If you have previous experience in an entertainment or social media related role that’s a definite plus for this Los Angeles-based internship.

Coordinator, Entertainment Relations, WWE

If you consider yourself a master networker and love all things pop culture this entry-level role with the WWE could be right up your alley. As an entertainment relations coordinator you’ll be developing relationships with celebrities and as well as booking WWE stars for award shows, press ops, and red carpets. A background in PR is a plus for this Los Angeles-based role.

CrowdTangle Entertainment, Facebook

This job is for the social media-savvy person who likes to teach. The social analytics platform is looking for someone who can manage relationships with entertainment publishers and show others how to best use the new platform. A confident communicator, and a minimum of five years of experience in the entertainment industry, is required for this role which can be based in either Los Angeles or New York City.

Video Editor, GOLF Magazine

Here’s an opportunity to push the creative boundaries when it comes to the world of golf. As a video editor for this sport-specific magazine you’ll be able to create a wide range of videos with the purpose of making Golf.com the go-to place for golf and entertainment. Experience editing in a professional environment, and a passion for the sport is a plus for this New York City-based role. (No knickerbockers required).

Assistant, Television Alternative CAA

This entry-level role with one of Los Angeles’ biggest creative agencies is a great foot in the door to work with some biggie talent. This specific position will support the non-scripted (a.k.a reality television) division. If watching reruns of Real Housewives is your idea of a good time this Los Angeles-based role may be a good match.

Assistant- Comedy Personal Appearances/Tour, Gersh

Only consider this job if you have a sense of humor. This Beverly Hills-based talent agency is looking for an assistant, and it’s a great opportunity for comedy fanatics. If you can multitask under pressure and have experience with programming events this entry-level role is worth checking out.

Business Development, United Talent Agency

Curious about business development? This role is looking for a BD with a bit of experience. You’ll spark relationships with new people and create partnerships throughout Hollywood in the advertising and tech industries. The gig is based in Los Angeles.

Coordinator, Marketing Music, Netflix

Here’s a fun job supporting the music marketing team at Netflix. Basically, you’ll be hunting down the music for trailers, promo, and specialty projects on Netflix. This Los Angeles-based company wants you to apply to this associate-level role if you’re an avid music fan with some experience in music licensing.

Festival Receptionist, Sundance Institute

You’ll be working out of Los Angeles for this role but pack your parka come January because you’ll be in Park City, Utah for the iconic Sundance Film Festival. This is the ideal administrative role for movie buffs who love a good indie film—and it’s your ticket to Sundance. Only one year of reception experience is required for this role.