Celebs Seek Her Out For Wellness With A Dash Of Magic—Here’s How Taryn Toomey Cares For Herself

Celebs Seek Her Out For Wellness With A Dash Of Magic—Here’s How Taryn Toomey Cares For Herself

If you live in L.A. or NYC, you probably already know who Taryn Toomey is. Chances are, you’ve either tried The Class by TT or heard about it from a friend or co-worker — or seen the gorgeous images of what looks like a cross between a group therapy session and cardio-yoga class on Instagram. And, if you don’t live in one of those cities, Toomey’s coming for you soon, with plans to expand her cult-followed wellness empire well beyond the coasts in the upcoming months and years.

She’s built a mind-body fitness experience (launched in 2011) that’s all about catharsis and emotional release, which includes screaming, getting your heart rate up, incorporating yoga moves into high-intensity interval training, and working yourself up to a release that leaves you feeling both depleted and powerful by the end of the Class. Celebrities from Christy Turlington to Jennifer Aniston to Naomi Watts swear by it; Instagrammers are all over it; and Lululemon recently launched a collaboration with Toomey, who is clearly having a moment.

But in the midst of all of that, she stays focused on a few easy ways to tend to her own magic, practice self-care, and find inspiration. Digest it all in Toomey’s “Shortlisted” rundown, ahead.

Power Mantra

“I don’t like the word mantra, but I use a simple reminder by putting my hands on my chest and breathing.”

Skin Saver

“I’m really obsessed with Barbara Sturm Blood Cream (ed note: also known as MC1 and explained here), but I also love May Lindstrom’s blue cocoon; it smells like an ecosystem of love.”

Can’t Miss Podcast

Jocko Podcast by retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink.”

Happy Place Outfit

“When I’m in a strappy long flowy dress, I feel free.”

Currently Reading:

“Sigh. Currently reading this interview…. I was thrilled this weekend when I had time for the New York Times. And then I read it and wasn’t so thrilled. I need some good book time.”

Currently Listening To:

“Listening : Music for class — Maggie Rogers, The XX, Zola Jesus, Florence, and I’m really obsessed with Jim James.”

Productivity Hack

“I have an amazing community of women who help focus and channel my wild and crazy mind. They know me and know how to make me my most productive”

Most Opened App

SplicepliceMusic is my medicine.  And this app allows me to add music to moves and video clips that I capture.”

Good-Hair Secret Weapon

“My secret weapon is a teasing comb plus too much dry shampoo.”

Flats, Sneakers, Or Heels?

“Isabel Marant wedge booties.”

Self-Care Method Of Choice

“I like to multitask when I self care…by putting a (Barbara Sturm) mask on when I meditate.”